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How ATM Processing Happens

If you’ve joined the group of successful business owners that realize just how profitable having an onsite ATM can be, congrats. No matter where you are in the process, you might wonder just how ATM processing happens. Here’s a simple breakdown of the whole process that will make it easier to understand. 


You may already know that the first step in ATM processing is to choose an ideal location for the machine in your business. Once the machine is in place, it will be assigned a terminal ID number. This number is critically important and how each machine is identified in transaction processing. The location of the machine will need to be near a phone line, internet connectivity, or within a WiFi range. 

The programming part

Once your ATM is in place, it will be programmed to operate with the terminal ID number and the ATM processor. A technician will load it with cash and it will be ready for the first customer. When a customer walks up to the machine, they will insert their bank card, input their PIN, and the first transaction will be initiated. 


Once the customer inputs their PIN and card, the machine will us it’s terminal ID to communicate with the customer’s bank. If the ATM identifies that sufficient funds are available for withdrawal, the transaction will be approved and then completed for the customer. They’ll walk away from it with pockets full of cash, some of which will hopefully be spent inside your business. 

ATM fees

ATM fees are how small businesses just like yours make passive income by locating a machine inside your business. For each transaction initiated and approved on your ATM, fees are collected. You will get a portion of those fees through the ATM processing system which will deposit those fees at set intervals into your bank account. 

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