Mobile/Wireless ATM Service for Events


Mile High ATM provides mobile automated teller machines that are professionally branded and strategically placed throughout your venue.

Our experience, practical knowledge, and long-term strategies will increase the number of cash withdrawals at your next event.

Our full-service mobile ATM program included proven logistics, safe transportation, strategic placement, efficient installation, visible signage, reliable wireless communication, fast data processing, accurate cash management, on-time cash deliveries, off-site monitoring, on-site service, and on-call technical support. We will help you identify strategic mobile ATM locations that improve your sales volume while offering your customers convenient access to cash.

Mile High ATM distinguishes itself from the competition by understanding your business needs. Competing ATM companies provide mobile ATM service to earn a quick dollar. Mile High ATM’s philosophy has been through practical experience and detailed research. We provide innovative technologies and reliable methodologies that increase the amount of cash dispensed within your venue. Our goal is to develop a cohesive working relationship that accomplishes your objectives and motivates your consumers to spend more money. There is a no-rigid formula to our contract negotiations. We are prepared to meet your changing business needs.

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Mile High ATM is dedicated to providing you with superior equipment, support and service. Our company's mission is to provide event consumers with a Mile High ATM machine that will perform convenient, quick and safe cash withdrawals, thereby offering a value-added service to proprietors. Our goal is to ensure that the Mile High ATM machine is fully operational so every consumer at your event has cash when it's needed.