ATM Rental and Sales

Mile High ATM is one of the leading providers of ATM services in the country. With our ATM Sale service where we provide various services such as installation, maintenance and repairs for mainstream businesses – we also help with providing solutions for ATM rentals. For large events and venues with hundreds of people, there arises a unique demand for ATMs. If a situation arises where you need to rent an ATM for a longer duration, we have flexible rental agreements to meet your needs during those hours. Fulfill your ATM needs with us – with either a long-term or a short time rental. We make sure to equip the ATMs with the latest security systems for a smooth operation for both loading and withdrawing of cash. Security is very important regardless of where the ATM is placed. Additionally, our technicians also check the ATMs from time to time for any possible issue you may encounter.

Benefit with our services by providing your guests or customers with a hassle free way to instantly access cash, which in return provides customer satisfaction and increases their reliability on you. Get in contact with us for your next ATM processing inquiry.

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