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Choosing the Best ATM Placement

An ATM is often a sight for sore eyes in our card-carrying economy. If you’re considering adding one to your business or event, it’s a smart idea that your customers will appreciate for its convenience. Several factors go into deciding the best ATM placement in Denver, and you should have a solid understanding of those so that you can be sure the machine will benefit your location to the fullest. 

The type of business you own impacts the best ATM placement

Some types of business certainly make ATM placement easier than others. If you own a bar or restaurant, hotel or resort, or an event venue, incorporating an ATM is a smart idea because of the flow of traffic that you probably have in your business. Casual restaurants are better than fancy ones since people are more likely to use cash for an inexpensive meal. People staying in hotels often don’t have access to their bank back home, so providing an ATM will be a welcomed amenity on the property. 

Other factors that impact the best ATM placement

You also want to be sure that wherever you place the ATM in your business, that it’s in a clean and safe area where customers will feel comfortable handling cash. It’s also important to be sure the area will provide the proper power supply, allow for parking if customers are just running in, proximity to other ATMs, and the wireless or WiFi connectivity availability in the area. Not to worry, a trained ATM placement service can help you figure out these variables.  

How do you make money with an ATM

This is probably the simplest aspect of ATM placement. You know how each time you visit an ATM that isn’t affiliated with your bank, you end up paying a small fee for the transaction? Often the fee is to the tune of $1-$3, nothing that would keep a normal person for completing the transaction. Well, that fee is yours if you decide to purchase the ATM, and that fee is split if you rent it. There are many advantages to renting an ATM that make the split worthwhile. 

Why rent an ATM

When you rent an ATM rather than own it outright, someone else is taking care of it. The best ATM companies deploy teams of technicians to set the machine, program it, fill it with cash, and monitor for problems along the way. If a problem is detected at any point in time, the rental company will fix it and there’s nothing you have to worry about. How often can you say that as a business owner?

ATM Professional Services that You Can Expect from a Provider

If you’re a business owner or event planner, you might have given some thought to placing an ATM for customer use and a source of passive revenue. Companies that provide on-site ATM rentals and sales provide a whole host of services along with the machine. You’ll be relieved to know that ATM professional services companies take care of almost everything, and all you really need to do is agree to take receipt of the unit and watch as the machine makes you money. If you’re interested in the details of the services that they provide, read on. 

ATM professional services at delivery

If you’ve decided that ATM placement is right for your business or event, and have settled on an ATM professional services company to help, the hard work is done. The company will arrange for delivery of the machine, install it, troubleshoot, and even monitor the machine from afar. They offer both administrative support and even cash loading to get the machine up and running, and to keep it that way. 

Ongoing monitoring

A reputable company will also provide ongoing monitoring of the machine to ensure it’s working properly and at the service of your customers. They can often achieve this remotely from their offices. But, visits to your business to check on and repair, if necessary, the machine are sometimes necessary too. But the ATM company monitors everything and will alert you to any problems that might creep up and solutions required to solve them. You have enough to worry about running your business, adding an on-site ATM shouldn’t be one of them.  

Ever wonder how the money gets in there?

Once the machine is delivered to your space, the ATM company will handle it’s installation and the cash that goes inside. This requires cash ordering, delivery, and loading, and you can count on them to take care of it. And when the machine starts getting low on funds, the company will be alerted that it’s time for a refill.   

ATM professional services and support

If you notice a problem with the machine, or problems are reported by your customers, an ATM service company that offers 24-hour customer service is key. This will mean less down time for the machine and more service available to your customers. Did you know that customers spend considerably more in stores that have an ATM inside? Maybe it’s finally time to get a machine of your own. 

How to Get An ATM Machine To Your Business

ATMs are great for business. They increase walk in traffic and can even earn you new customers that might not have even known you existed before. The machines provide convenience, additional business services that you can provide to your customers, and even a passive untapped revenue stream that can have a positive impact on your bottom line. If you haven’t already considered getting an ATM machine to your business, think about these four reasons that now is a great time. 

An ATM machine will put cash in customer’s hands

One obvious reason to have an ATM machine to your business is that it increases the spending power of all the customers that walk in. More cash on hand means an increase in sales and profit. Adding a machine to your storefront delivers big benefits that outweigh the minimal space they’ll take up and that you’re probably not using anyway. 

Raking in revenue on surcharges

The way that ATMs make money for the stores that have them is by charging surcharges on top of withdrawals from the machine. A portion of those charges go to the company that manages the machine. The other part goes straight into your business’s bank account. This is passive income that you don’t have to work very hard to earn and could make all the difference in the success of your business.  

Save on credit card fees with an ATM machine

Retail business owners know how much credit card processing fees can add up. But, the world does run on plastic these days and not accepting credit cards from customers is like shooting your business in the foot. Take care of two problems at once by adding an ATM to the store which allows customers to pay in cash and for you to save on those fees. You can even offer incentives to cash-paying customers.   

Give check-paying customers another option

Check-paying customers aren’t as common as they used to be, but you will occasionally have someone come into your space hoping to pay with a check. Accepting checks present a big risk since they might not even be worth the paper they’re written on. Instead, point your customer to your new ATM machine and suggest they withdraw cash instead for the items they’d like to purchase. 

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Have you explored these ATM security options yet

ATM crimes have increased significantly over the last few years. They are on the rise, especially because many are yet to upgrade their terminals to EMV. The debit cards still carry the magnetic stripes which can be easily duplicated.

The popular attacks include card shimming and card skimming. The other attacks can include anything that varies from grab raids to high-tech attacks. Recently, there have been more unusual attacks like jackpotting and explosive attacks. The threats to ATMs evolve but so should the security measures. Here is a rundown on the security options that you can consider-


Knowledgeable technicians have better chances of spotting any tampering with the ATMS including malicious hardware units. So, being familiar with the ATM terminals is one of the best practices to save cash and sensitive information.

Placement of the ATMs

The placement of the ATMs also plays an impact on its security. The best would be to obtain a criminal activity report first before considering potential ATM locations. This report can suggest what type of security best suits the location. When ATMs are installed in safe locations for customers, they are also more secure for ATM owners.

Physical barriers

To prevent smash and grab attacks, physical barriers can play a great role. Concrete pylons and bollards can be used as physical barricades around the ATM. For an extra layer of security, anchor kits allow you to bolt the ATM to the ground. The anchor kits can withstand high impacts.


The top cabinet on the ATM is the most vulnerable point for an ATM attack. To prevent unauthorized entries, upgrading the locks and managing the key access is a good option.

Software update

ATMs are susceptible to a number of cyberattacks. To protect an ATM from unauthorized downloads and malicious software, software updates in a timely manner are necessary. For more precautionary measures, updating the passwords and monitoring the technicians or employees accessing the ATM should be done regularly.

Investing in security management software

Remote diagnosis and monitoring solutions allow the ATM owners to operate and manage the ATMs in real-time. There are security softwares available that scan any unusual transaction or service activity at the ATMs. Any suspicious activity that might occur is recorded and the alert is sent to the concerned department.

For an added layer of security, alarms should be installed at the ATM access points. These will notify the site staff when the terminal site is breached.

With a combination of technology and preventive strategies, the risk to ATM terminals can be greatly reduced.

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Why is withdrawing cash on Wednesday important?



Withdraw Cash Wednesday (WCW) is a new initiative by ATMIA to remind consumers that they should withdraw cash in advance for the major shopping day of the week which is Friday. It is basically a promotion to withdraw cash from ATMs on Wednesday. This initiative brings out more visibility of the usage of ATMs around the busiest times of the year.

This campaign did not only start to increase the usage of ATMs during the busy season but also to make the consumers aware what are some of the problems they might have to face during the holiday season while withdrawing cash.

The platinum sponsors of the initiative are Cardtronics and Allpoint Network. Although there have been mixed reactions when the initiative was announced, the initiative was strongly supported because of the reasons explained below:

Money Saving

There was once a survey by that showed that around 24 percent of American adults had no money saved for emergencies like medical bills or when they were laid off. The basic strategy which is recommended to save money is to control spending using cash. And this is just not a personal opinion. The 2017 Health of Case Study by Cardtronics stated that 75 percent of consumers believed in paying in cash to save money. Cash proved to be an effective way to stop them from overspending. I personally feel that as well and it has always been effective for me to stay on budget and save money by using cash.

A healthy customer and retailer relationship to increase sales

Richard Kestenbaum who is a contributor from Forbes said that customer loyalty comes with a lot of things which includes understanding the customers and their needs. Quite obviously, customers want their options be it cashless or cash only. Around 89 percent of the American consumers like to have the option of various methods according to Health of Cash Study. 61 percent of the population does not like it when retailers do not accept cash even if they prefer to pay in cash. So, it only means that just like anything else more than half of the population likes to keep their options open to every payment method.

This is not only a good news for the consumers but also the owners of establishments because they could see a visible increase in their sales after this initiative. In a study sponsored by Cardtronics and conducted by an independent research firm Scansion, the sales in a drug store doubled with an ATM in the store.

According to “Global ATM Market and Forecast to 2022”, there are 66 percent ATMs that are nowhere near a bank branch and many of these offsite ATMs are not even owned by a bank. It is however, becoming easier for customers to find a surcharge-free ATM to access cash.




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Make Events More Rewarding With Mobile ATMs


Are you wondering how you can generate more profit each time you plan a business event? We’ve got the easiest and best solution for you with mobile ATMs. A mobile ATM is something that can make your event more profitable and successful. Up to 75% of money that people withdraw from an ATM installed at an event is spent at the event only. Doesn’t that sound great? If you’re a business owner or an event organizer you may have built marketing strategies to make your event a hit. But rather than that you can put the same money into the installation of mobile ATMs at your venue.

You should consider hiring ATM services which are not only very reliable within the industry, but the most dependable products as well. An organization that already has a good position in the market will supply you with machines that can help you withdraw the cash you need on the spot. In addition to the fact that mobile ATMs give you instant and definite profits, the providing company will also deliver and install them at the venue of your business event, also at no real expense to you. A company that’s known for giving excellent services will also ensure the satisfaction necessary to help maintain the machine(s) on site.

As you may realize, mobile ATM machines are one of the best ways for you to boost your business sales. While you focus on selling your products and/or services at the event, just think of a situation wherein there may be people who won’t have even attended your event with the sole motive to purchase what you’re selling. But considering how you present the situation, they may be willing to purchase your goods but won’t be carrying cash. This is where mobile ATM machines can be immensely helpful to both parties.
We advise you to consider every aspect of your special event. While marketing and publicity of the event is obviously necessary for people to know what you’re doing, you need to apply layman sensitivity to make sure you don’t miss out on anything that could lower the overall success of your event.

Mobile ATMs have been proven to be definite revenue generators. If you look at the other side of installation of mobile ATMs, you’re not just gaining profit from the additional customers who get influenced to spend at your event, you’ll also be able to yield more gains on money from transactions. In simple words, you will secure more customers, more people spending money on your products and services, as well as an additional share of the transactions they’ll be making.

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ATM Safety


ATMs are all about convenience. They are common in populated areas, providing a source of cash and other banking services. ATMs now utilize several diverse kinds of software. An ATM only increases the general value to a store.

Despite the convenience, be mindful about when and where to withdraw money. If you have to use an ATM, choose one which is inside a shop or mall that’s well lit and make sure to guard you entering your pin number. The ATM inside a grocery shop or restaurant is usually always safer than one that’s outside on the sidewalk.

Among the most frustrating things a person can experience, is that they’ve stood in line for an ATM that does not have any cash. It is essential that banks regularly maintain not only the ATMs, but in addition the surrounding areas too. Among the biggest mistake people make with ATM safety and security is not taking the opportunity to be careful of their surroundings.

You should be mindful of your surroundings. Don’t prefer an ATM at the corner of any building. Be aware of people who are around you and also those who are trying to help you. Check for anyone sitting in a car parked nearby. Always ensure that no one is following you when you leave the ATM. On the off chance if you suspect anyone following you, immediately move to crowded and well-lighted location.

ATM fraud can be initiated with your phone too. Scam phone calls are an enormous problem. The simplest way to safeguard your phone is to allow a passcode. Now wherever you’re or whom you need to hand the phone to, you are aware that another person isn’t getting into your private stuff, spending your funds, snooping through your individual and financial data.

If you’re not careful you can compromise your safety. Robbers look for easy prey to stake out ATM in a low traffic area that is dimly lit. With little bit of carefulness you can protect your account as well as your life. Physical theft of cash and unauthorized withdrawals from an account are two prominent ways ATM theft can occur.

Reasons to Prefer Cash over Card

The war between plastic money and paper money has existed for long. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, you should know there is a time to use credit card and cash. In this article you will find the safer mode of payments and how you can be on your budget while making purchases.


As the popular saying goes money is not everything and yet it is very much crucial. The relevance of money in human life is similar to the importance of water or food. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that every human needs money to take care of things and most importantly family. Though money exists but the forms in which we can make payments have been developed. Among these, credit cards have become a popular phenomenon. The debate over the use of plastic money or paper money has been going on for quite some time now. Yet no clear winner has been declared. Everybody wants a card and if you too are planning to buy it then this article is for you. The following are the things you should definitely know before you get one:


1. Interest charges and additional costs of using credit card:

While credit card is still a new concept in the history of finance, why so many people still stick to using paper money indeed hints to the relevance it holds even today. At the same time, the benefits and convenience a credit card brings along cannot be simply neglected. Though the benefits would offset the cost but a credit card does account for additional as well as annual charges. Also, if you are buying something and don’t pay off instantly, you will later have to pay for the purchase and interest charges too.


2. Giving tips in cash:

You pay tips when you are really happy with a product or service. You as well as the other person will feel happier when tips are made in cash. Some efforts really matter and these deserve a tip. But when you opt for tipping by card, believe it or not, the special feeling the server would have got somehow fades away.


3. Cash on a budget:

As a critical part of financial marketplace, cash does play its role the same as a credit card would. However, when you pay in cash you can physically feel the money going away from you. You are bound to think again whether the purchase is necessary or not. So to say, when you choose cash to pay over a credit card, you are determined to consider budget for future purchases.


4. Finance and security:

While it may come as a surprise to you, paying in cash is actually a secure method of paying. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about a third person getting access to that cash. Regardless of what happens at the backend of the store, you have paid for your purchase and happily the cash is into safe hands. And this is true not only for the smaller kinds of transactions but for the bigger ones too. Not to forget the fact that many have been victims of fraud online transactions. So if you want to save yourself from being one, try paying in cash. Research shows that it is very easy for fraudsters to get the details of a credit card holder and make scam payments.


5. Avoiding additional costs and interests:

The greatest benefit of using only cash and not the credit or debit card is that you will be avoiding the additional costs or interest charges associated with the purchase. Even some small businesses prefer to run as cash-only businesses, for your convenience and for simpler book keeping requirements. At the same time, because not everyone carries cash all the time, these small businesses hire ATM rental and placement services. Certain free ATM Placement Programs aid in such implementations. Adding an on-site ATM makes the process enticing and smooth. Buyers can withdraw the money anytime they want and pay easily for their purchase.