Mobile ATM for Your Next Event

Mobile ATM for Your Next Event

Let’s face it, we don’t live in a cashless society yet. Even though there are several ways to retrieve money and to pay, we still use cash as a service. In our high-tech world today, you can find several ways to retrieve money, from multiple payment options to continuous cash advance. However, the convenience of safe and secure money services at events and festivals is still lacking. An estimated 88% of consumers still used cash. So why not make it convenient for your consumers at your next event and get an event ATM in Denver? Outdoor ATMs are an affordable automated teller machine which provide convenience so your guests can enjoy the festivities all day.

What is a Mobile ATM?

Whether you’re hosting a special event or street fair, people want to come and check out everything you have to offer. Some vendors may have credit card services and others may only accept cash. Having a portable ATM machine will help those customers get exactly what they want when they want it without the hassle of leaving your event just to go down the street for money withdrawal. Mobile ATM services take the complexity out of traditional bank withdrawals. You can rent or buy your own mobile ATM machine. There are quite a few high-tech machines on the market, so it’s best to find a placement program that offers great rates and has qualified staff to walk you through the entire process of ATM placement. More importantly, find an ATM service that will offer excellent customer service and provide satisfaction for you and your customers.

Next time you go to an event, you’ll notice ATMs strategically placed in various locations. These ATMs should be conveniently located in areas that the customer can easily remember and be able to safely withdraw from.

What’s Included in a Mobile ATM Service?

Whether you’re renting or buying, your event ATM in Denver should include security features, an LCD screen with customizable features, printer with 3 convenience sizes, wireless capability, a card reader and ADA voice guidance, and more features that make it customizable to your event and layout. Cash ordering and delivery and cash loading are also important in your ATM placement programs. Other services include exemptions from credit card fees and reduction in NSF fees for return checks.

Why Do I Need a Mobile ATM?

We just named some of the few conveniences that mobile ATM services provide. However, without the convenience of readily available money services, a lack of sales and frustrations for the customer could ensue. If you’re a business owner in these times and you need to boost your sales, don’t give your customers any reason to walk away empty-handed. A mobile ATM can be just the thing for your event to help bring in the sales and keep them coming back. These machines help increase your sales simply by adding convenience!

Having a mobile ATM at your event or business can even make it easier on your vendors. While every vendor will be able to choose their own payment methods they’ll accept, they can rest assured that they don’t have to be tacked with credit card fees if they refer them to the ATM and pay in cash. It’s a win-win for the event owner, the customers, and the vendors!

Whether you’re a small business owner, event planner, or hosting a festival, it’s a worthy investment to use an ATM in Denver. Your customers have the convenience of buying what they want when they want it. Contact Mile High ATM before you host your next event today!

Where to Find a Cash Machine

Although it might seem that the U.S. is well on its way to becoming a cashless society fully dependent on digital dollars, plenty of people still prefer having a wallet full of greenbacks at their disposal. Roughly 16 percent of people report carrying cash with them all the time and another 60 percent-plus have cash on them some or most of the time. If you fall into one of these groups, it’s convenient to know where to find a cash machine when you start running low. 

Business locations

Many restaurants these days have made the choice to locate a cash machine inside their location. Having the machines on location makes it more likely that a customer will pay their bill in cash which is often the preference of eating establishments. It’s also common for patrons to spend more inside your business if access to cash is convenient. 

Events are a common location

Temporary ATMs are often set up at events, concerts, sporting events, and more. These kinds of events often leav heavily on concession sales from food and beverages to merchandise. Not all vendors accept cash, and many event goers prefer to pay for their items with cash. So, if you’re on the hunt to refill your wallet as you head to an event you’ve been looking forward to, trust that they probably have an ATM on site and at your service. 

Cash machine Denver at the convenience store

Almost every convenience store on almost every block in your town most likely has an ATM inside. These stores depend on several streams of revenue to support the business model from food and snack, to gas, and more. Cash machines are another revenue stream that convenience store owners have welcomed with open arms. They create passive income that business owners don’t have to work hard to earn, and studies show that customers are likely to spend more in the store if they’ve used an ATM on site.  

Try the hotel

If you’re on the hunt for a cash machine while traveling, consider asking the hotel front desk if the location has one. The same can be said for anyone traveling in an area. Consider a hotel a smart place to check for an ATM and you’ll be flush with cash again in no time. 

How Does Wireless ATM Service Work?

As technology continues to advance, so too does the financial sector servicing clients around the globe. Fintech is a term used to describe the industry that uses cutting edge technology to compete with more traditional delivery mechanisms for financial transactions. Wireless ATM service in Colorado falls within the fintech sector and offers tremendous benefits to business owners and event planners alike. But how does it work?

Where can you locate wireless ATM service

Wondering where you should locate wireless ATM service? The short answer is anywhere. If you own an existing business location, then you should consider adding a machine for your customer’s convenience. If you’re planning an event, a machine might make sense there too. ATMs belong anywhere where there are people who might need cash and with wireless machines, they can be set up even farther afield than ever before. 

How does wireless ATM service work?

Wireless ATM machines typically work in one of two ways. The machines can be connected via cellular network utilizing 4G or 5G existing networks provided by the country’s major carriers. Or, a WiFi option is available tapping into a location’s existing WiFi. Sometimes, and depending on the location, a cellular connection might be more reliable than a WiFi connection. 

Benefits of wireless ATMs

Wireless ATMs placed in your business or at your event can deliver several benefits. Reliability is one big benefit as is speedy data transfers, and quick transactions. And if you have a large location where events are held, you can test the location of the machine in several different parts of the venue easily without having to require the machine. That’s convenient and good for business. 

Set it and forget

Another great thing about partnering with a wireless ATM dealer is that they’ll take care of everything for you. All you’ll have to do is make the initial call. Trained technicians will come out to your location and scout the best site or sites for the machine. They’ll deliver, set it up, and get it in working order. You won’t need to do anything but sit back and pocket passive income or increased revenue from additional sales. 

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How To Rent an ATM Machine?

Stop and think for a minute what life would be like without ATM machines. No cash on demand. Out of luck if you didn’t bring enough with you for that festival or concert or ice cream stand that’s cash only. Did you know that how to rent an ATM machine isn’t a hard question to answer? Just in case you were in the festival planning, concert organizing, ice cream stand running business. Here’s exactly how you do it. 

How to rent an ATM machine; and should you?

How to rent an ATM machine might be the easy part. Deciding if it’s the right move for your business takes thought. Experts estimate that roughly 3-5 percent of your customers would use your ATM if you had one and that customers who do spend a lot more money in your business when they’re there. If you’ve been looking for a passive way to make more money in your high traffic business or event, renting an ATM machine might be just this right thing to do.    

How to rent an ATM machine and make money?

ATM machines make businesses money by paying out surcharges to the company that rents the machine. Everyone gets a cut and it’s an easy way to increase the passive revenue for your business. How many other things when it comes to your business to get to set and forget? Practically none other and ATM machines are just that, especially when the rental is backed by a company that takes care of all the details for you.   

How does it work?

Once you decide to rent an ATM machine, a reputable ATM company will come out to your location and install the machine. They will make sure all the settings are as they should be and even maintain oversight of the machine the whole time that it’s on your property. And if something should go wrong, they’ll probably know before you do minimizing the machine’s downtime and increasing the potential cash that could be spent inside of your business.   

An added benefit of renting an ATM

If you do decide to put an ATM into your business location, it might be just the ticket to increase your customer base. Who knows just who might pop into your business solely because you have an ATM yet they end up spending money on something they see and just can’t live without. Having an ATM on site is a great way to expand your services, and your customer base. 

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ATM Company Colorado : What to Look For in a Reliable Company

If you’re a business owner or event planner in Colorado, have you ever considered adding an onsite ATM for the convenience of your customers and additional income? Did you even realize it was possible to do so? The great news is that it’s never been more possible and there are plenty of ATM company Colorado that can make this happen for you today. Here’s how to find a reliable ATM partner.

ATM company Colorado handles installation 

One of the key services of a reputable ATM company Colorado is one that handles installation from the beginning to the end. As a business owner or event planner, you don’t want more to worry about. In fact, it would be great if you had less to worry about. And a reliable company will deliver that and more with your new on-site ATM machine.  

Choose one that offers administrative support

You’ll definitely want to choose an ATM partner with a robust administrative support plan and team behind it. One of the main reasons why on-site ATMs are such a great idea for business owners is because they can be installed and practically forgotten, (of course, until the passive revenue starts rolling into your business bank account). Be sure the company you choose has a friendly staff that is supportive and helps you through the whole process of installing the machine and keeping it running for the long-term.  

Cash ordering and delivery by ATM company Colorado

A solid ATM company handles all parts of getting your new cash machine set up in your space or for your event. There is way more to the process than meets the eye, and the beauty of it is that they know exactly what to do. Even when it comes to cash ordering and delivery to the machine. A reliable and reputable company will have this covered.  

Tech support and service

ATM company Colorado will also provide ongoing technical support and service. Sometimes these machines can malfunction and do need maintenance. Many times ATM companies know when this happens even before you do and will be onsite to get everything back up and running in no time.

Can a Portable ATM Machine be protected from Thieves?

Portable ATM machines provide great convenience to consumers in a myriad of retail establishments, events, and outside locations. You might think that their placement, away from the heightened safety and security of places like banks, would make them more vulnerable to thieves and others with ill intentions. That’s most certainly untrue and here are just a few of the ways that these machines are protected. 

Portable ATM Machine protection on site 

First and foremost, ATM machines are built to take a beating. They’re typically constructed with industrial-grade steel and heavy welding. Depending on their location, they might even be bolted to the wall or the ground keeping them securely in place and extremely difficult to move without the right tool kit that includes a torch and industrial-strength drill.  

Portable ATM Machine protection with software and other means

Portable ATM machines are also equipped with cameras onboard and in the surrounding area that take photographic and video footage of anyone that engages the machine. They have alarms that go off if the machine is compromised in some way and which notifies the police and an alarm company contracted to monitor the signal. In addition, many have a GPS inside that will make tracking a perpetrator fairly easy.  

How you can keep the machine safe

If you’re a business owner with an onsite portable ATM machine, you probably won’t have to do much beyond your usual security measures to keep the machine safe. If you suspect someone has ill intentions toward the machine, or you catch someone casing it out, you can call the police before any crime is attempted. You can also be sure you have a video camera in your establishment that points directly at the area immediately surrounding the machine.  

What to do if thieves strike

If you report to work one morning and find that thieves have struck and went straight for the portable ATM machine, call the police first. After the police are called, you can call the company that manages the ATM for you. It’s not likely that thieves will be successful getting the machine out of the building, or the money out of the machine, but it’s best to prepare for any possible scenario. Jail time and fines for stealing from an ATM are pretty hefty which serves as a deterrent to possible thieves.

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Why you need an ATM machine at your corporate event

If you’re planning a big corporate event this holiday season, you can appreciate just how much goes into pulling off such a feat. You have to consider the venue, food and drinks, entertainment, and transportation… then worry if everyone will have a good time! One thing you definitely shouldn’t miss, especially if your event has food, drink, or goods available for purchase, is a Colorado ATM machine service


Having an ATM on-site, even for only a single night for a big event, has never been easier. You can find an ATM machine service in Colorado or check out ATM sales colorado on google to talk about the options available. They will take care of everything from setting up, to operations, to removing the machine when the event is over, and your attendees will have cash on hand for whatever they want or need.  


It’s so easy these days with increased reliance on credit and debit cards to forget to swing by the bank on the way to the party to ensure that you have cash on hand. Your party goers will be happy to know that you’ve taken care of that part for them and brought the ATM to the party instead. And, even if they did stop by the bank on the way, they’ll have access to more cash if they run out of money, meaning the party goes on.  

Effortless revenue

You can even get a cut if you include having an ATM machine at your corporate event which can offset your event planning expenses, go right back into the company’s coffers, or be used for a charitable donation just in time for the holidays. On-site ATM machines are an easy and effortless way to get revenue from a source you probably didn’t think of.  

Easy way to increase spending

If you’re hoping to make money from your corporate event, having an ATM machine on site is a sure way to do just that. Statistics show that customers spend 20 percent more in a place where there is a cash machine on hand. Increase your event attendees’ spending, and you’ll also increase your revenue making it a win-win for everyone involved. 

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Video Monitoring: Why it’s Necessary at Every Bank

Surveillance cameras and alarms help keep unwanted crime at bay. However, when security cameras are lacking at important places such as the banks and ATMS, your identity is at risk. Atm placement Denver and Video monitoring at your bank is crucial to avoid these sort of crimes and prevent them from wreaking havoc in your future.


Do Bank Cameras Really Do What They Say?

15 million Americans have their identity stolen each year. Bank security cameras offer the type of security that can deter bank crimes, do continuous monitoring, and even help crime investigations. This type of security also offers trust and remote access, safely. So next time you see a video monitoring system at your mobile ATM Colorado, you can rest assured they have your back. Imagine if a thief tried to take advantage of your identity but stopped in fear of getting caught? Video monitoring is like having an extra set of eyes watching out for your best interest.

Bank surveillance cameras prevent fraud, assist with crime investigation, and much more. Especially for an event ATM in Denver Colorado, surveillance cameras at ATMs are vital for keeping one’s identity safe. Cash-out attacks happen frequently but they don’t have to! Just some of the reasons video monitoring helps the banks and customers:

Storage: With video surveillance, you can always guarantee access to the files. Its digital memory makes it easy to run through the files over and over for accuracy. This prevents thieves from getting too far.

Remote Access from Anywhere – Another important reason to have video surveillance on a bank site is remote access to live footage. Video surveillance is easily hooked up to law enforcement and they can attend the scene more quickly should an incident occur.

Multiple Location Access – Most bank video monitoring systems have a central monitoring system that allows local video surveillance to be transferred to a bigger hub. Nowadays, surveillance videos can be viewed and accessed over the internet as well.

Data Recognition – Most modern surveillance cameras can easily identify the thief, transaction numbers on paper, and much more. Advanced technology allows a clear vision of what’s being viewed on camera.

Intelligent function & Alarm System – The technology today allows for alarm systems to be integrated into one signal network. This kind of intelligence allows the video monitoring systems to pick up facial and behavior recognition and motion sensing.

Enhances Confidence – More importantly, video monitoring provides peace of mind when it comes to the transfer of your funds. Modern technology makes it possible to catch and track all theft and questionable transactions.

Do you need an event ATM in Denver? These money cash machines make it simple for your customers to withdraw money at your event. Our wireless ATM service in Colorado is affordable, reliable, and includes theft protect features for identity fraud safety. Contact Mile High ATM for more info today!

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Have you explored these ATM security options yet

ATM crimes have increased significantly over the last few years. They are on the rise, especially because many are yet to upgrade their terminals to EMV. The debit cards still carry the magnetic stripes which can be easily duplicated.

The popular attacks include card shimming and card skimming. The other attacks can include anything that varies from grab raids to high-tech attacks. Recently, there have been more unusual attacks like jackpotting and explosive attacks. The threats to ATMs evolve but so should the security measures. Here is a rundown on the security options that you can consider-


Knowledgeable technicians have better chances of spotting any tampering with the ATMS including malicious hardware units. So, being familiar with the ATM terminals is one of the best practices to save cash and sensitive information.

Placement of the ATMs

The placement of the ATMs also plays an impact on its security. The best would be to obtain a criminal activity report first before considering potential ATM locations. This report can suggest what type of security best suits the location. When ATMs are installed in safe locations for customers, they are also more secure for ATM owners.

Physical barriers

To prevent smash and grab attacks, physical barriers can play a great role. Concrete pylons and bollards can be used as physical barricades around the ATM. For an extra layer of security, anchor kits allow you to bolt the ATM to the ground. The anchor kits can withstand high impacts.


The top cabinet on the ATM is the most vulnerable point for an ATM attack. To prevent unauthorized entries, upgrading the locks and managing the key access is a good option.

Software update

ATMs are susceptible to a number of cyberattacks. To protect an ATM from unauthorized downloads and malicious software, software updates in a timely manner are necessary. For more precautionary measures, updating the passwords and monitoring the technicians or employees accessing the ATM should be done regularly.

Investing in security management software

Remote diagnosis and monitoring solutions allow the ATM owners to operate and manage the ATMs in real-time. There are security softwares available that scan any unusual transaction or service activity at the ATMs. Any suspicious activity that might occur is recorded and the alert is sent to the concerned department.

For an added layer of security, alarms should be installed at the ATM access points. These will notify the site staff when the terminal site is breached.

With a combination of technology and preventive strategies, the risk to ATM terminals can be greatly reduced.

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Why is withdrawing cash on Wednesday important?



Withdraw Cash Wednesday (WCW) is a new initiative by ATMIA to remind consumers that they should withdraw cash in advance for the major shopping day of the week which is Friday. It is basically a promotion to withdraw cash from ATMs on Wednesday. This initiative brings out more visibility of the usage of ATMs around the busiest times of the year.

This campaign did not only start to increase the usage of ATMs during the busy season but also to make the consumers aware what are some of the problems they might have to face during the holiday season while withdrawing cash.

The platinum sponsors of the initiative are Cardtronics and Allpoint Network. Although there have been mixed reactions when the initiative was announced, the initiative was strongly supported because of the reasons explained below:

Money Saving

There was once a survey by that showed that around 24 percent of American adults had no money saved for emergencies like medical bills or when they were laid off. The basic strategy which is recommended to save money is to control spending using cash. And this is just not a personal opinion. The 2017 Health of Case Study by Cardtronics stated that 75 percent of consumers believed in paying in cash to save money. Cash proved to be an effective way to stop them from overspending. I personally feel that as well and it has always been effective for me to stay on budget and save money by using cash.

A healthy customer and retailer relationship to increase sales

Richard Kestenbaum who is a contributor from Forbes said that customer loyalty comes with a lot of things which includes understanding the customers and their needs. Quite obviously, customers want their options be it cashless or cash only. Around 89 percent of the American consumers like to have the option of various methods according to Health of Cash Study. 61 percent of the population does not like it when retailers do not accept cash even if they prefer to pay in cash. So, it only means that just like anything else more than half of the population likes to keep their options open to every payment method.

This is not only a good news for the consumers but also the owners of establishments because they could see a visible increase in their sales after this initiative. In a study sponsored by Cardtronics and conducted by an independent research firm Scansion, the sales in a drug store doubled with an ATM in the store.

According to “Global ATM Market and Forecast to 2022”, there are 66 percent ATMs that are nowhere near a bank branch and many of these offsite ATMs are not even owned by a bank. It is however, becoming easier for customers to find a surcharge-free ATM to access cash.