How Does Wireless ATM Service Work?

As technology continues to advance, so too does the financial sector servicing clients around the globe. Fintech is a term used to describe the industry that uses cutting edge technology to compete with more traditional delivery mechanisms for financial transactions. Wireless ATM service in Colorado falls within the fintech sector and offers tremendous benefits to business owners and event planners alike. But how does it work?

Where can you locate wireless ATM service

Wondering where you should locate wireless ATM service? The short answer is anywhere. If you own an existing business location, then you should consider adding a machine for your customer’s convenience. If you’re planning an event, a machine might make sense there too. ATMs belong anywhere where there are people who might need cash and with wireless machines, they can be set up even farther afield than ever before. 

How does wireless ATM service work?

Wireless ATM machines typically work in one of two ways. The machines can be connected via cellular network utilizing 4G or 5G existing networks provided by the country’s major carriers. Or, a WiFi option is available tapping into a location’s existing WiFi. Sometimes, and depending on the location, a cellular connection might be more reliable than a WiFi connection. 

Benefits of wireless ATMs

Wireless ATMs placed in your business or at your event can deliver several benefits. Reliability is one big benefit as is speedy data transfers, and quick transactions. And if you have a large location where events are held, you can test the location of the machine in several different parts of the venue easily without having to require the machine. That’s convenient and good for business. 

Set it and forget

Another great thing about partnering with a wireless ATM dealer is that they’ll take care of everything for you. All you’ll have to do is make the initial call. Trained technicians will come out to your location and scout the best site or sites for the machine. They’ll deliver, set it up, and get it in working order. You won’t need to do anything but sit back and pocket passive income or increased revenue from additional sales. 

ATM Professional Services that You Can Expect from a Provider

If you’re a business owner or event planner, you might have given some thought to placing an ATM for customer use and a source of passive revenue. Companies that provide on-site ATM rentals and sales provide a whole host of services along with the machine. You’ll be relieved to know that ATM professional services companies take care of almost everything, and all you really need to do is agree to take receipt of the unit and watch as the machine makes you money. If you’re interested in the details of the services that they provide, read on. 

ATM professional services at delivery

If you’ve decided that ATM placement is right for your business or event, and have settled on an ATM professional services company to help, the hard work is done. The company will arrange for delivery of the machine, install it, troubleshoot, and even monitor the machine from afar. They offer both administrative support and even cash loading to get the machine up and running, and to keep it that way. 

Ongoing monitoring

A reputable company will also provide ongoing monitoring of the machine to ensure it’s working properly and at the service of your customers. They can often achieve this remotely from their offices. But, visits to your business to check on and repair, if necessary, the machine are sometimes necessary too. But the ATM company monitors everything and will alert you to any problems that might creep up and solutions required to solve them. You have enough to worry about running your business, adding an on-site ATM shouldn’t be one of them.  

Ever wonder how the money gets in there?

Once the machine is delivered to your space, the ATM company will handle it’s installation and the cash that goes inside. This requires cash ordering, delivery, and loading, and you can count on them to take care of it. And when the machine starts getting low on funds, the company will be alerted that it’s time for a refill.   

ATM professional services and support

If you notice a problem with the machine, or problems are reported by your customers, an ATM service company that offers 24-hour customer service is key. This will mean less down time for the machine and more service available to your customers. Did you know that customers spend considerably more in stores that have an ATM inside? Maybe it’s finally time to get a machine of your own. 

How to Get An ATM Machine To Your Business

ATMs are great for business. They increase walk in traffic and can even earn you new customers that might not have even known you existed before. The machines provide convenience, additional business services that you can provide to your customers, and even a passive untapped revenue stream that can have a positive impact on your bottom line. If you haven’t already considered getting an ATM machine to your business, think about these four reasons that now is a great time. 

An ATM machine will put cash in customer’s hands

One obvious reason to have an ATM machine to your business is that it increases the spending power of all the customers that walk in. More cash on hand means an increase in sales and profit. Adding a machine to your storefront delivers big benefits that outweigh the minimal space they’ll take up and that you’re probably not using anyway. 

Raking in revenue on surcharges

The way that ATMs make money for the stores that have them is by charging surcharges on top of withdrawals from the machine. A portion of those charges go to the company that manages the machine. The other part goes straight into your business’s bank account. This is passive income that you don’t have to work very hard to earn and could make all the difference in the success of your business.  

Save on credit card fees with an ATM machine

Retail business owners know how much credit card processing fees can add up. But, the world does run on plastic these days and not accepting credit cards from customers is like shooting your business in the foot. Take care of two problems at once by adding an ATM to the store which allows customers to pay in cash and for you to save on those fees. You can even offer incentives to cash-paying customers.   

Give check-paying customers another option

Check-paying customers aren’t as common as they used to be, but you will occasionally have someone come into your space hoping to pay with a check. Accepting checks present a big risk since they might not even be worth the paper they’re written on. Instead, point your customer to your new ATM machine and suggest they withdraw cash instead for the items they’d like to purchase. 

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How To Rent an ATM Machine?

Stop and think for a minute what life would be like without ATM machines. No cash on demand. Out of luck if you didn’t bring enough with you for that festival or concert or ice cream stand that’s cash only. Did you know that how to rent an ATM machine isn’t a hard question to answer? Just in case you were in the festival planning, concert organizing, ice cream stand running business. Here’s exactly how you do it. 

How to rent an ATM machine; and should you?

How to rent an ATM machine might be the easy part. Deciding if it’s the right move for your business takes thought. Experts estimate that roughly 3-5 percent of your customers would use your ATM if you had one and that customers who do spend a lot more money in your business when they’re there. If you’ve been looking for a passive way to make more money in your high traffic business or event, renting an ATM machine might be just this right thing to do.    

How to rent an ATM machine and make money?

ATM machines make businesses money by paying out surcharges to the company that rents the machine. Everyone gets a cut and it’s an easy way to increase the passive revenue for your business. How many other things when it comes to your business to get to set and forget? Practically none other and ATM machines are just that, especially when the rental is backed by a company that takes care of all the details for you.   

How does it work?

Once you decide to rent an ATM machine, a reputable ATM company will come out to your location and install the machine. They will make sure all the settings are as they should be and even maintain oversight of the machine the whole time that it’s on your property. And if something should go wrong, they’ll probably know before you do minimizing the machine’s downtime and increasing the potential cash that could be spent inside of your business.   

An added benefit of renting an ATM

If you do decide to put an ATM into your business location, it might be just the ticket to increase your customer base. Who knows just who might pop into your business solely because you have an ATM yet they end up spending money on something they see and just can’t live without. Having an ATM on site is a great way to expand your services, and your customer base. 

ATM Sales: The Importance of Placement

If you’re a small business or event planner just discover the world of ATMs and placement services, welcome to the best idea that you’ll have in a while. Having an ATM placed inside your business increases traffic exponentially. If you’re planning an event, reach out to ATM sales Colorado today to learn more about providing convenience to your customers and additional revenue for your event. 

ATM Sales 

Small businesses throughout Colorado are discovering the opportunity to make more money without putting out more time or energy. Having an ATM placed inside of your business increases customer traffic and increases the amount of money each customer will spend in your business. The right ATM sales Colorado partner can explain all of the benefits of hosting an ATM on your property.  

ATM Placement Services 

Companies that handle ATM sales and services offer placement services that take care of all the details for you. You’ll have no operational responsibilities any step of the way. The company’s well-trained staff maintains complete control of the ATM once it’s in place. You won’t pay for the equipment, the operation, or the maintenance of the machine while it’s there. You’ll just reap the rewards of having it in house. 

What Comes with Placement Services?

ATM sales Colorado offers complete placement services. The company handles the installation, order the cash for the machine, delivers the cash and programs the machine. Once it’s operational, they will offer technical support and customer service whenever the need arises. They’ll also monitor the machine for problems and for cash need, replenishing as needed.  

The Benefits of ATM Placement

The top benefit of having an ATM in your business or at your event is passive revenue. This means you won’t have to work for the revenue, it will just come to you by way of transaction fees with each customer that comes through your door. Add sales that you might not have captured from that same customer if you didn’t have the ATM that they needed. It’s a no brainer and something you should learn more about today to beef up your bottom line. 

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ATM Company Colorado : What to Look For in a Reliable Company

If you’re a business owner or event planner in Colorado, have you ever considered adding an onsite ATM for the convenience of your customers and additional income? Did you even realize it was possible to do so? The great news is that it’s never been more possible and there are plenty of ATM company Colorado that can make this happen for you today. Here’s how to find a reliable ATM partner.

ATM company Colorado handles installation 

One of the key services of a reputable ATM company Colorado is one that handles installation from the beginning to the end. As a business owner or event planner, you don’t want more to worry about. In fact, it would be great if you had less to worry about. And a reliable company will deliver that and more with your new on-site ATM machine.  

Choose one that offers administrative support

You’ll definitely want to choose an ATM partner with a robust administrative support plan and team behind it. One of the main reasons why on-site ATMs are such a great idea for business owners is because they can be installed and practically forgotten, (of course, until the passive revenue starts rolling into your business bank account). Be sure the company you choose has a friendly staff that is supportive and helps you through the whole process of installing the machine and keeping it running for the long-term.  

Cash ordering and delivery by ATM company Colorado

A solid ATM company handles all parts of getting your new cash machine set up in your space or for your event. There is way more to the process than meets the eye, and the beauty of it is that they know exactly what to do. Even when it comes to cash ordering and delivery to the machine. A reliable and reputable company will have this covered.  

Tech support and service

ATM company Colorado will also provide ongoing technical support and service. Sometimes these machines can malfunction and do need maintenance. Many times ATM companies know when this happens even before you do and will be onsite to get everything back up and running in no time.

Can a Portable ATM Machine be protected from Thieves?

Portable ATM machines provide great convenience to consumers in a myriad of retail establishments, events, and outside locations. You might think that their placement, away from the heightened safety and security of places like banks, would make them more vulnerable to thieves and others with ill intentions. That’s most certainly untrue and here are just a few of the ways that these machines are protected. 

Portable ATM Machine protection on site 

First and foremost, ATM machines are built to take a beating. They’re typically constructed with industrial-grade steel and heavy welding. Depending on their location, they might even be bolted to the wall or the ground keeping them securely in place and extremely difficult to move without the right tool kit that includes a torch and industrial-strength drill.  

Portable ATM Machine protection with software and other means

Portable ATM machines are also equipped with cameras onboard and in the surrounding area that take photographic and video footage of anyone that engages the machine. They have alarms that go off if the machine is compromised in some way and which notifies the police and an alarm company contracted to monitor the signal. In addition, many have a GPS inside that will make tracking a perpetrator fairly easy.  

How you can keep the machine safe

If you’re a business owner with an onsite portable ATM machine, you probably won’t have to do much beyond your usual security measures to keep the machine safe. If you suspect someone has ill intentions toward the machine, or you catch someone casing it out, you can call the police before any crime is attempted. You can also be sure you have a video camera in your establishment that points directly at the area immediately surrounding the machine.  

What to do if thieves strike

If you report to work one morning and find that thieves have struck and went straight for the portable ATM machine, call the police first. After the police are called, you can call the company that manages the ATM for you. It’s not likely that thieves will be successful getting the machine out of the building, or the money out of the machine, but it’s best to prepare for any possible scenario. Jail time and fines for stealing from an ATM are pretty hefty which serves as a deterrent to possible thieves.

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Wireless ATM service perks

ATM machines outside of banks have been a game-changer for small businesses. Offering this convenience to their customers increases foot traffic, creates an additional revenue stream into the business and often increases the money spent by customers when they’re there. Wireless ATM service is a no brainer for businesses. Why wouldn’t you make you business even better by adding wireless ATM service in Colorado? Here’s what you need to know.

Benefits everywhere you need them 

The most obvious benefit of wireless ATM service in Colorado is that the machine can be everywhere you need it to be. If a machine is inside of a space, it won’t add an additional need for connection to outside lines. If it’s outdoors, and you’re an event planner, you’ll be amazed at the many places where an ATM can be placed for the convenience of your event attendees. That means they never have to leave your event to get more cash to spend there.  

No need for extra equipment with wireless ATM service

With many wired machines that depend on Internet connectivity, you need to worry about ancillary equipment that can make that happen. Another convenient feature of wireless ATMs is that no connectivity equipment is required. No more worries about buying a router with the bandwidth to support the machine, or potential connectivity problems that might arise between the machine and the connection source.  

Less room for error with wireless ATM service

Because a wireless ATM automatically gets the information it needs and the connection is required wirelessly, there is less room for error due to faulty connections or equipment. As a business owner, you can practically set it and forget it. In all actuality, a reputable ATM service company will set it for you, delivering the machine, making sure it’s online, and ensuring that it’s always operable for the convenience of your customers and for a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Why you need an ATM machine at your corporate event

If you’re planning a big corporate event this holiday season, you can appreciate just how much goes into pulling off such a feat. You have to consider the venue, food and drinks, entertainment, and transportation… then worry if everyone will have a good time! One thing you definitely shouldn’t miss, especially if your event has food, drink, or goods available for purchase, is a Colorado ATM machine service


Having an ATM on-site, even for only a single night for a big event, has never been easier. You can find an ATM machine service in Colorado or check out ATM sales colorado on google to talk about the options available. They will take care of everything from setting up, to operations, to removing the machine when the event is over, and your attendees will have cash on hand for whatever they want or need.  


It’s so easy these days with increased reliance on credit and debit cards to forget to swing by the bank on the way to the party to ensure that you have cash on hand. Your party goers will be happy to know that you’ve taken care of that part for them and brought the ATM to the party instead. And, even if they did stop by the bank on the way, they’ll have access to more cash if they run out of money, meaning the party goes on.  

Effortless revenue

You can even get a cut if you include having an ATM machine at your corporate event which can offset your event planning expenses, go right back into the company’s coffers, or be used for a charitable donation just in time for the holidays. On-site ATM machines are an easy and effortless way to get revenue from a source you probably didn’t think of.  

Easy way to increase spending

If you’re hoping to make money from your corporate event, having an ATM machine on site is a sure way to do just that. Statistics show that customers spend 20 percent more in a place where there is a cash machine on hand. Increase your event attendees’ spending, and you’ll also increase your revenue making it a win-win for everyone involved. 

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Video Monitoring: Why it’s Necessary at Every Bank

Surveillance cameras and alarms help keep unwanted crime at bay. However, when security cameras are lacking at important places such as the banks and ATMS, your identity is at risk. Atm placement Denver and Video monitoring at your bank is crucial to avoid these sort of crimes and prevent them from wreaking havoc in your future.


Do Bank Cameras Really Do What They Say?

15 million Americans have their identity stolen each year. Bank security cameras offer the type of security that can deter bank crimes, do continuous monitoring, and even help crime investigations. This type of security also offers trust and remote access, safely. So next time you see a video monitoring system at your mobile ATM Colorado, you can rest assured they have your back. Imagine if a thief tried to take advantage of your identity but stopped in fear of getting caught? Video monitoring is like having an extra set of eyes watching out for your best interest.

Bank surveillance cameras prevent fraud, assist with crime investigation, and much more. Especially for an event ATM in Denver Colorado, surveillance cameras at ATMs are vital for keeping one’s identity safe. Cash-out attacks happen frequently but they don’t have to! Just some of the reasons video monitoring helps the banks and customers:

Storage: With video surveillance, you can always guarantee access to the files. Its digital memory makes it easy to run through the files over and over for accuracy. This prevents thieves from getting too far.

Remote Access from Anywhere – Another important reason to have video surveillance on a bank site is remote access to live footage. Video surveillance is easily hooked up to law enforcement and they can attend the scene more quickly should an incident occur.

Multiple Location Access – Most bank video monitoring systems have a central monitoring system that allows local video surveillance to be transferred to a bigger hub. Nowadays, surveillance videos can be viewed and accessed over the internet as well.

Data Recognition – Most modern surveillance cameras can easily identify the thief, transaction numbers on paper, and much more. Advanced technology allows a clear vision of what’s being viewed on camera.

Intelligent function & Alarm System – The technology today allows for alarm systems to be integrated into one signal network. This kind of intelligence allows the video monitoring systems to pick up facial and behavior recognition and motion sensing.

Enhances Confidence – More importantly, video monitoring provides peace of mind when it comes to the transfer of your funds. Modern technology makes it possible to catch and track all theft and questionable transactions.

Do you need an event ATM in Denver? These money cash machines make it simple for your customers to withdraw money at your event. Our wireless ATM service in Colorado is affordable, reliable, and includes theft protect features for identity fraud safety. Contact Mile High ATM for more info today!