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How Does a Wi-Fi ATM Work?

By now, you know the importance of having an ATM nearby. You also know how handy it is to have Wi-Fi pretty much anywhere you go. Whether you’re setting up an event or you’re opening your store front, Wi-Fi and accessible cash pretty much go hand in hand. Believe it or not, ATMs relied a lot on modems and dial up phone lines for connection. Banking has come a long way, and having the internet involved makes it easier to manage your event or your store front.

History of the ATM Machine

The old way of using ATM machines has evolved into a quick and painless transaction. However, there are still methods that we use today that depend on the preference of the business and next event.

  • Telephone to the IP adapter – Older ATMs don’t necessarily communicate the same way new ones do via the internet. This is a less expensive route than standard phone lines, but it’s still an old way of doing business.
  • Wireless – Wireless ATMs communicate through a built-in wireless device. When you make a transaction, the ATM communicates through a cell tower. All you need is mobile phone reception and power to generate your internet connection, regardless of the location.
  • Standard phone line or dial-up – Traditionally speaking, these older ATMs will not be able to connect to the internet, because of their internal structure. Dial-up ATMs can only work efficiently through a dedicated phone line, without interruption from other phone lines or devices. They generally use a toll-free number to avoid long distance charges.
  • Internet – This is the least expensive and most popular means of communication for your wireless ATM service in Colorado. The only drawback is that it uses your internet service that’s already available. Your technician would have to install a cat5e or cat6 cable for this service to be provided.

How Does a Wi-Fi ATM Work?

When you hire a tech to install your wireless ATM service in Colorado, they’ll most likely walk you through all the functions and necessary tools you need for quick Wi-Fi setup. Most of these ATMs already have Wi-Fi equipment. With the ATM already equipped with Wi-Fi, there’s no need to have a landline phone at all. Landline phones can be costly depending on where you are, so a relatively new ATM machine will save you money and time.

It only takes a few minutes to set up a wireless ATM. All you need is an electrical outlet! Your technician will attach the antennas to a magnetic base on your ATM, and connect the phone cord to the modem. This simple process creates reliability for your customers, as well as increased data transfer speeds. What does that mean, you ask? It makes customers happy with instant, easy transactions. With wireless ATMs, you can easily transfer your kiosk to another location if needed.

ATM Placement

Another important thing to consider before you install your wireless ATM service in Colorado is the location of the ATM. Nowadays, we take advantage of having wireless service anywhere we go. However, there can be issues with connection if not placed properly. Your ATM provider will know this and most likely suggest installation in certain locations with better connection.

Consider trading in your old means of revenue for something high tech and modern. Your wireless ATM machine will help create a smooth flow of customers, so you can keep providing services and have a constant flow of sales. Mile High ATM provides mobile, portable and wireless ATM services for your events and storefront. Contact them today!