7 Benefits Of ATM Placement

An ATM machine provides reliable service to those in need of urgent cash. At one time, these ATMs could only be found at specific locations, such as banks or in major department stores. But nowadays, it seems that ATMs can be found in any business or near any event. Festivals, small businesses, and even concerts have their own ATMs installed right there for the convenience of their customers. When you’re looking for an ATM sales Denver representative in assisting with your next event, here are just seven benefits of ATM placement .

Surcharge Revenue

It’s true that when your customer uses your ATM to withdraw money, you receive a percentage of that transaction fee.

Customers Come Back

It’s a chore for your customers to leave your business or event to go get money from an ATM machine elsewhere. Make it easier for them and put a machine in or outside of your business. For your event, have them placed in opportune places that not only make it convenient for your customer, but are easily visible.

Debt Reduction

Twenty years ago, businesses experienced an influx of bouncing checks and chargebacks from bad checks and faulty bank cards. With an ATM machine, your customers receive their money, and you don’t get charged if their account is overdrawn.

Increased Traffic

Customers don’t want to leave your store to find an ATM when they need the cash. And you don’t want your customers to be inconvenienced in this way, as they may not return to complete the sale. An on-site ATM will provide your customers with the needed cash to accommodate their needs right then and there.


Your ATM machine is under constant surveillance with technical monitoring services and notifications to help you stay in charge.

Time Saving

Time is money, and in this case, ATMs save time by offering the money right there for your customers. Say you are a family-friendly restaurant that attracts a lot of families of two or more children. Maybe your busiest day is Sunday after church service, and you’re swarming with people. These families probably want to get going pretty quickly after lunch is through, and don’t want to wait long for a bill. Having an ATM on the scene saves time because customers can  withdraw the cash so they can leave quickly, without waiting for the server to run the credit card. Plus, it encourages the customer to leave a cash tip!

How On-Site ATM Works

First, your local ATM sales Denver representative will locate the site where the installation will take place and secure it to that location. These locations need to be near well-ventilated areas, as well as in close range to phone power outlets. And if you don’t want it inside of your cafe, right outside the door will work just fine. Since it’s a pretty heavy machine, so you don’t have to worry about it going anywhere. Your sales rep will focus mainly on security when installing your ATM machine. The machine is probably bolted to the ground and can come with built-in cameras with different vantage points. Lastly, it’s time to put the codes in order. Your ATM machine will require passwords and IDs and special codes that are provided by the bank or company that is servicing that machine.

You are only a few steps from enjoying the benefits of ATM placement on your property!

So, if you don’t have an ATM placement in your business today, you may want to consider these conveniences. The ATM sales Denver team at Mile High ATM provides rentals and sales, as well as mobile, portable, and wireless ATM service and placement programs that fit your budget and your special event or business needs. Call today!