Who Services ATM Machines?

Traditionally, when you see ATMs that are fixed to a bank, you know that they belong to the bank. They are replaced, fixed, filled, and maintained all by the bank’s authority. There was a time when ATMs were only available during banking hours at the banks themselves. But now, we can find stand-alone or outdoor ATMs pretty much anywhere. So who owns those ATMs? When you go to a concert in Denver, and you spot an ATM to retrieve money for food or beverage, do you know which ATM service Colorado bank provides for that event? I bet you’ve never thought about it. ATM machines are serviced by a group of individuals, not necessarily a bank entity.

The Benefit of ATM Service

As you’re well aware, ATMs are needed – and found – at almost any large event or business. Nowadays, you can host your large banquet, street fair, or concert event and add these helpful services for your customers and guests. Why? Well, for the simple fact that an ATM machine provides the convenience of banking right where and when you need it. Gone are the days where you needed to wait for Monday during business hours to deposit checks, withdraw or deposit cash, and get a bank total. Businesses who install ATMs have found that it’s much better to at least have one on-site or in close proximity to their business so that their customers can have access to cash at any time. Just some of the ATM service benefits include:

  • Convenience: Customers want to purchase your products or goods! Don’t make them leave your store because they need a certain amount of cash. Having an ATM on-site provides fast and efficient funds for your customers, and this is something they’ll remember too! Convenience always speaks louder than price!
  • Revenue Increase: Along with convenience, ATMS bring increased revenue. Your customers will inevitably  tell others who then tell others and so on, so the return investments more than outweigh the ATM fees. When you contact an ATM service Colorado provider, depending on the ATM machine they install, they’ll help you choose a plan that fits your needs. This plan will deter the service fees that automatically accompany any ATM. So you’re increasing your revenue through convenience and a commission from each transaction.
  • Reduced Fees:  With each credit card transaction comes a fee tagged on. Most businesses don’t want that hefty fee and have cash only signs outside their doors. This can always create inconvenience to your customers. While you don’t want to pay that fee, they don’t always have access to cash. Reduce their fees, and get a stand-alone machine. Problem solved.
  • Flexible Plans: Lastly, you get to create flexible plans for your business. Your shop is personal, and you want to reach your customer through what they need and want, but conveniently. Customers will go out of their way for a personal experience at their favorite shop. Providing a convenient and comfortable shopping experience for your customers is key.

Who Will Service My ATM?

Now that you’re convinced to get an ATM for your business or event, you may be wondering where to start. Banks have their own entities and don’t generally work outside of that financial realm. You’ll need a highly-reputable and convenient ATM service Colorado provider to help you choose ATM placement, flexible plans, and whether you want to own or rent. Yes, you can even own an ATM! It’s the most convenient way to bank. Your ATM provider should have knowledge of mobile/wireless services, special programs for indoor/outdoor placement, ATM rentals and sales knowledge, among other things.

Your ATM for your next event of business is moments away! Let  MileHigh ATM help you get in front of your customers so they keep coming back!