Can I Put an ATM Outside?

You can find ATM machines conveniently located practically anywhere nowadays. From super markets to automotive shops, business owners know the importance of giving their customers ready access to their funds, at any time. What’s more, ATM placement has become a help to those who host parties and large events, too. Venues from all over the world host ATM’s because they know the value in having money right away. In fact, your customers are 50% more likely to buy right away if they see a readily- accessible ATM nearby. Next time you plan your event, don’t neglect to call an ATM Placement Colorado technician to install one!

Where Would I Find an Outside ATM?

Whether you’re the event host or just a participant, you want the convenience of withdrawing money, anytime and anywhere. ATMs make a convenient choice for withdrawing money anytime your customers need to leave a tip or have multiple payment options. Most of the time, people only carry a certain amount of cash, and cash is still popular with most small businesses! Credit card fees for business owners can mean a crushing 5% percent charge on every credit card transaction, so many times these businesses are turning to cash for their patent methods instead of accruing those hefty fees.  Because outside ATMs never close, your customers can have access to their finances anytime of the day or night. If your business or event is being held later in the evening, an outside ATM will be the perfect addition. Your customers will not have to scramble to reach a bank lobby before close, or leave your premises at all! Hotels, grocery stores, gas stations, casinos and even bingo halls are places where you can find ATMs. Now you can make it easier for your attendees by adding an ATM to your large event or gathering.

Types of Outdoor ATM Machines

You’re probably used to seeing outdoor ATMs at your local bank, such as those located before you pull up to the drive-thru window. Perhaps you’ve seen them in grocery store lobbies or on your way out of mall entrances. But outdoor ATM machines are not limited to these locations. They can be of use anywhere, especially when you’re hosting an event.  You may not be aware, but with the boom in technology these days, you can find multiple ATM options for your event. From standalone to White Label ATMs, you don’t even have to work with a bank to set one up.

  • White Label ATMs: these types of ATMs work outside of bank entities.
  • Brown Label ATMs: the ATM service providers own Brown Label ATMs but the cash is managed by the company who owns the actual ATM.
  • Off-site and On-site ATMs: off-site ATMs operate under a third party and are what you see in retail stores, hospitals, or even malls. On-site ATMS are found in business spaces, for example, as would be the case in your shop.
  • Stand-alone and networked ATMs are either connected to the network of the ATM provider or they’re not, thus the term “stand-alone.”.
  • Online ATMs: these use real-time monitoring with internet connection so your customers know their balances and transaction history. Offline ATMs allow customers to make a transaction, but without the handy real- time connection to help them keep track of funds and prevent overdrawing.

Can I Put an ATM Outside My Business?

I think it’s safe to assume there is benefit to using outdoor ATMs at your next event or large gathering. However, if the ATM is not set up correctly, it can be more expensive and time consuming in the long run. The best place to start is to find an ATM placement service provider here in Colorado to help you find the best ATM for your event.

The world is now opening back up to events and parties. The exciting news is that with healthy guidelines in place, you can still have these gatherings while offering comfortable and convenient services for your customers and attendees. The Mile High ATM team provides special events and outdoor ATM, mobile portable and wireless ATM service, as well as rental and sales! Contact Mile High ATM today.

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