Mobile ATM for Your Next Event

Mobile ATM for Your Next Event

Let’s face it, we don’t live in a cashless society yet. Even though there are several ways to retrieve money and to pay, we still use cash as a service. In our high-tech world today, you can find several ways to retrieve money, from multiple payment options to continuous cash advance. However, the convenience of safe and secure money services at events and festivals is still lacking. An estimated 88% of consumers still used cash. So why not make it convenient for your consumers at your next event and get an event ATM in Denver? Outdoor ATMs are an affordable automated teller machine which provide convenience so your guests can enjoy the festivities all day.

What is a Mobile ATM?

Whether you’re hosting a special event or street fair, people want to come and check out everything you have to offer. Some vendors may have credit card services and others may only accept cash. Having a portable ATM machine will help those customers get exactly what they want when they want it without the hassle of leaving your event just to go down the street for money withdrawal. Mobile ATM services take the complexity out of traditional bank withdrawals. You can rent or buy your own mobile ATM machine. There are quite a few high-tech machines on the market, so it’s best to find a placement program that offers great rates and has qualified staff to walk you through the entire process of ATM placement. More importantly, find an ATM service that will offer excellent customer service and provide satisfaction for you and your customers.

Next time you go to an event, you’ll notice ATMs strategically placed in various locations. These ATMs should be conveniently located in areas that the customer can easily remember and be able to safely withdraw from.

What’s Included in a Mobile ATM Service?

Whether you’re renting or buying, your event ATM in Denver should include security features, an LCD screen with customizable features, printer with 3 convenience sizes, wireless capability, a card reader and ADA voice guidance, and more features that make it customizable to your event and layout. Cash ordering and delivery and cash loading are also important in your ATM placement programs. Other services include exemptions from credit card fees and reduction in NSF fees for return checks.

Why Do I Need a Mobile ATM?

We just named some of the few conveniences that mobile ATM services provide. However, without the convenience of readily available money services, a lack of sales and frustrations for the customer could ensue. If you’re a business owner in these times and you need to boost your sales, don’t give your customers any reason to walk away empty-handed. A mobile ATM can be just the thing for your event to help bring in the sales and keep them coming back. These machines help increase your sales simply by adding convenience!

Having a mobile ATM at your event or business can even make it easier on your vendors. While every vendor will be able to choose their own payment methods they’ll accept, they can rest assured that they don’t have to be tacked with credit card fees if they refer them to the ATM and pay in cash. It’s a win-win for the event owner, the customers, and the vendors!

Whether you’re a small business owner, event planner, or hosting a festival, it’s a worthy investment to use an ATM in Denver. Your customers have the convenience of buying what they want when they want it. Contact Mile High ATM before you host your next event today!