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Choosing the Best ATM Placement

An ATM is often a sight for sore eyes in our card-carrying economy. If you’re considering adding one to your business or event, it’s a smart idea that your customers will appreciate for its convenience. Several factors go into deciding the best ATM placement in Denver, and you should have a solid understanding of those so that you can be sure the machine will benefit your location to the fullest. 

The type of business you own impacts the best ATM placement

Some types of business certainly make ATM placement easier than others. If you own a bar or restaurant, hotel or resort, or an event venue, incorporating an ATM is a smart idea because of the flow of traffic that you probably have in your business. Casual restaurants are better than fancy ones since people are more likely to use cash for an inexpensive meal. People staying in hotels often don’t have access to their bank back home, so providing an ATM will be a welcomed amenity on the property. 

Other factors that impact the best ATM placement

You also want to be sure that wherever you place the ATM in your business, that it’s in a clean and safe area where customers will feel comfortable handling cash. It’s also important to be sure the area will provide the proper power supply, allow for parking if customers are just running in, proximity to other ATMs, and the wireless or WiFi connectivity availability in the area. Not to worry, a trained ATM placement service can help you figure out these variables.  

How do you make money with an ATM

This is probably the simplest aspect of ATM placement. You know how each time you visit an ATM that isn’t affiliated with your bank, you end up paying a small fee for the transaction? Often the fee is to the tune of $1-$3, nothing that would keep a normal person for completing the transaction. Well, that fee is yours if you decide to purchase the ATM, and that fee is split if you rent it. There are many advantages to renting an ATM that make the split worthwhile. 

Why rent an ATM

When you rent an ATM rather than own it outright, someone else is taking care of it. The best ATM companies deploy teams of technicians to set the machine, program it, fill it with cash, and monitor for problems along the way. If a problem is detected at any point in time, the rental company will fix it and there’s nothing you have to worry about. How often can you say that as a business owner?