10 Reasons to Choose an ATM Cash Machine from Mile High ATM

These days, you can find ATM cash machines in plenty of locations. They provide a convenient service to customers and increase revenue for business owners that have them on their property. Here are 10 reasons why you too should consider a cash machine in Colorado

1. Easy access 

Cash machines in Colorado offer convenience and easy access for your customers. Your customers will reward you for providing it by spending more money in your business. Industry experts speculate that customers spend between 20-25 percent more in your store if you have an ATM on hand, and that’s on top of fees that you’ll be paid out by the ATM company that manages the machine.  

2. Accessible data

The data collected by your ATM is remotely accessible by the ATM company that manages the machine. This means that if your machine ever breaks down, the company will be the first to know and will dispatch a technician to get it working again. It also means that you will get regular reports on the performance of the machine to know how it will impact your bottom line.  

3. Installation services

Respectable ATM companies like Mile High ATM handle the whole process for you. They will come in and help you identify the best location within your business for the machine. They will take care of the installation, testing, and monitoring of the machine moving forward.  

4. We respect your time and resources

Mile High ATM rises above the rest because the team respects your time and resources as a business owner. Technicians will schedule install and work on the machine at a time convenient to you. They know that running your primary business is your first priority. 

5. Online and offline monitoring

The team at Mile High ATM has the capability of monitoring your machine’s function and performance both onsite and remotely. This allows them to keep an eye on how the machine is functioning in your place without having to interrupt your space. If they detect a problem with your machine with offline monitoring, they can act accordingly.

6. Mobile and wireless capability

Your ATM machine will also have mobile and wireless capacity. What this means is that you won’t have a mess of wires leading to the machine in your space offering a cleaner footprint for the machine. The ATM will tap directly into your business’ WiFi to communicate with banks and to send monitoring reports back to the Mile High technicians.

7. We’re responsive

If the Mile High staff ever detects a problem with the machine on your property, they will report straight away to fix the problem. If you beat them to it, and notice something with the machine isn’t quite right, you’ll be glad to know the company is responsive and will address the problem as soon as they can. The beauty of offsite monitoring, though, is that you’ll never really have to think about the machine, only watch the dollar signs add up in your operating account. 

8. Increased revenue

The processing fees for ATM machines range from $1 per transaction to $10 per transaction. Those fees are split between Mile High and your business which could have a big impact on your revenue. Experts agree that your customers will also be more likely to spend more money in your business if you have an ATM in house. 

9. Increased foot traffic

Having an ATM machine in your business will also increase the foot traffic through your doors. More people will stop at your business because of the ATM than those that stopped just for your goods and services. Increased foot traffic has a positive impact on revenue so an ATM on-site is really a no brainer.

10. Customer convenience for outdoor events

If your business has plans in the future to be at an outdoor event or is coordinating an outdoor event, don’t forget to partner with Mile High ATM to put a cash machine in that location too. Events and festival-goers always need more cash on hand which gives them more cash to spend at the event or in your booth. Offer customer convenience for outdoor events and watch the proceeds from the event grow year after year.

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