How Cash Machines Can Earn You More Sales

The first automatic teller machine was unveiled for the public to use in 1967 in London, England. These machines have come a long way and are now as common as bathrooms in public places. There is a reason that businesses welcome ATMs in their establishments and here are just a few reasons that you too should consider installing a cash machine in your Denver business.  

Location, location, location

A reputable ATM processing, placement and mobile service can help you figure out the perfect location for a cash machine in your Denver premises. The visibility of your machine will be one of the most important factors. You’ll want to be able to catch people’s eye whether they came into your business looking for the machine, or if they just happen to pass it as they go about their way in your business.  


Convenience is a big push for adding ATMs and cash machines in businesses. If your customers or potential customers can get more than one thing done in one spot, they’ll be sold and quickly turn into a repeat customer. Do your business’s bottom line a favor and find a reputable ATM service company to explain all the selling points of adding a machine to your location.

Spending cash in hand

Consumers visit ATMs on a regular basis and typically pull out $40 or more during each stop. In addition, customers that visit an ATM in your business tend to spend 20-25 percent more money during their visit. With spending cash in hand, and a guarantee that customers will spend more money, adding an ATM in your place is a no brainer.   

Increased traffic in your store

Having a cash machine on your premises will likely increase foot traffic in your business. Increased traffic in your business also usually has a positive impact on your cash flow. Adding a cash machine in your Denver business is a risk-free way to increase your business revenue with little effort on your part. 

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