What Are The Types of ATM?

Nowadays, you can pretty much find an automated teller machine anywhere and be able to withdraw money at any time. There are machines that accept cash and check deposits as well as the ability to check account balances and withdraw money from credit and checking accounts. Here are two types of ATMs that you might recognize when you’re going to withdraw money.

Your ATM and Features

Equipped with several different kinds of software, ATMs can show you your complete history of transactions and how much money is in the ATM. ATM software offers businesses and banks programs that fit their needs to be able to meet the needs of their customers for built-in ATMs. The ATM software is easy to use yet advanced enough to transfer money and accept deposits. This can be a complex issue for Bank ATM software to audit.

Some of the features that manufacturers offer include security cameras and personal ID numbers to protect their customers and owners from fraud. Some of these features require bank members to use a key or passcode to get into their vault. You will find security cameras on these freestanding ATMs for safety and to deter vandalism.

Built In

You can find built in ATMs attached to the wall of a business. You will also find them behind the wall of a bank. Tellers are behind this wall so the customers cannot see the hidden security features.


You may notice freestanding or wireless ATM services in Colorado and consider them a general ATM. But they are quite different from a built-in ATM. You will find these ATMs in businesses, drive-thru lanes, and even on the street during an event taking place. They are safely secured to the ground. These stand-alone ATMs are perfect for customers that need quick cash for extra groceries, or perhaps a restaurant or an event doesn’t accept cards. Unlike built-in machines, these do not accept financial deposits into a bank account. They are strictly for withdrawing money.

Which ATM to Use

Perhaps you’re considering an ATM at your next event. Whether large or small, you know you need an ATM to service your customers properly. One benefit of having an ATM at your event is the ability to increase sales. In order to properly go about this endeavor is to contact an ATM sales team member in Denver.

When you want easy access to your cash, and the right ATM for your event or business, Mile-High ATM in Colorado will help you make that happen. They offer the most efficient ATM based on your needs. Offer your customers a little more, and contact the Mile-High ATM team today for more information!

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