What ATM Supplies and Accessories Do You Need?

So you’re inquiring about getting an ATM for your business. Now that you’ve established a healthy following and are generating consistent revenue, you can accept it as a part of your (commercial) family. So it’s important to supply your machine with the necessary items for productivity. Your ATM service Colorado salesman should equip you with the right supplies so your event or business isn’t lacking in any way for your customers.

Paper Rolls

This may seem obvious but often times ATM paper is the first thing to run out. When you’re storefront or event is busy, the last thing you need is to wait to tell you customers that you ran out of paper and cannot print receipts. Make sure you have extra on your supply list when you order from your Denver ATM services.

ATM Wraps & Toppers

You’ve spent a great deal of time and effort into vending and promotional services for your next upcoming event. Now that you’re having an ATM installed for your guests, you aren’t worried too much about the convenience and generation of sales. So come time for the event, you want your guest to spot the ATM right away without having to search the event venue. ATM wraps help your machine stand out in the crowd and make it easier for people to remember where it’s at when they need to withdraw money.

Ink Cartridges

This follows suit of the importance of the paper rule and must be stocked for efficiency and customer satisfaction. Entrepreneurs need receipts to keep a record of their spending, especially come tax season. It’s important to keep this in mind when stocking supplies.

Items to Consider

Some items aren’t on your immediate supply list but are just as important to take note of. Keyboard pads wear quickly, especially in heavy traffic areas. It’s important to take note of the wear and try the keys yourself to ensure that they are working properly. If possible, pay attention to the individuals using the machine. Watch to see if it’s a struggle to press the keys or if you notice them pressing the keys more than twice during a transaction. This could be a sign that your keyboard needs a replacement. Another important item with considering is the card reader. While it’s more likely to encounter a worn card strip than a faulty reader, it’s important to fix this element of your machine to ensure a smoother process.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to order your ATM supplies for your business or next event. Your business and guests aren’t going to wait – or stick around! – unless you refill that paper cartridge. Get in touch with an ATM placement Denver sales representative today. Your local and trusted experts at Mile High ATM Service have delivered ATM machines all over the Denver area, and continue to supply their customers with the most efficient products for their business needs.

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