10 Reasons to Choose an ATM Cash Machine from Mile High ATM

These days, you can find ATM cash machines in plenty of locations. They provide a convenient service to customers and increase revenue for business owners that have them on their property. Here are 10 reasons why you too should consider a cash machine in Colorado

1. Easy access 

Cash machines in Colorado offer convenience and easy access for your customers. Your customers will reward you for providing it by spending more money in your business. Industry experts speculate that customers spend between 20-25 percent more in your store if you have an ATM on hand, and that’s on top of fees that you’ll be paid out by the ATM company that manages the machine.  

2. Accessible data

The data collected by your ATM is remotely accessible by the ATM company that manages the machine. This means that if your machine ever breaks down, the company will be the first to know and will dispatch a technician to get it working again. It also means that you will get regular reports on the performance of the machine to know how it will impact your bottom line.  

3. Installation services

Respectable ATM companies like Mile High ATM handle the whole process for you. They will come in and help you identify the best location within your business for the machine. They will take care of the installation, testing, and monitoring of the machine moving forward.  

4. We respect your time and resources

Mile High ATM rises above the rest because the team respects your time and resources as a business owner. Technicians will schedule install and work on the machine at a time convenient to you. They know that running your primary business is your first priority. 

5. Online and offline monitoring

The team at Mile High ATM has the capability of monitoring your machine’s function and performance both onsite and remotely. This allows them to keep an eye on how the machine is functioning in your place without having to interrupt your space. If they detect a problem with your machine with offline monitoring, they can act accordingly.

6. Mobile and wireless capability

Your ATM machine will also have mobile and wireless capacity. What this means is that you won’t have a mess of wires leading to the machine in your space offering a cleaner footprint for the machine. The ATM will tap directly into your business’ WiFi to communicate with banks and to send monitoring reports back to the Mile High technicians.

7. We’re responsive

If the Mile High staff ever detects a problem with the machine on your property, they will report straight away to fix the problem. If you beat them to it, and notice something with the machine isn’t quite right, you’ll be glad to know the company is responsive and will address the problem as soon as they can. The beauty of offsite monitoring, though, is that you’ll never really have to think about the machine, only watch the dollar signs add up in your operating account. 

8. Increased revenue

The processing fees for ATM machines range from $1 per transaction to $10 per transaction. Those fees are split between Mile High and your business which could have a big impact on your revenue. Experts agree that your customers will also be more likely to spend more money in your business if you have an ATM in house. 

9. Increased foot traffic

Having an ATM machine in your business will also increase the foot traffic through your doors. More people will stop at your business because of the ATM than those that stopped just for your goods and services. Increased foot traffic has a positive impact on revenue so an ATM on-site is really a no brainer.

10. Customer convenience for outdoor events

If your business has plans in the future to be at an outdoor event or is coordinating an outdoor event, don’t forget to partner with Mile High ATM to put a cash machine in that location too. Events and festival-goers always need more cash on hand which gives them more cash to spend at the event or in your booth. Offer customer convenience for outdoor events and watch the proceeds from the event grow year after year.

How Cash Machines Can Earn You More Sales

The first automatic teller machine was unveiled for the public to use in 1967 in London, England. These machines have come a long way and are now as common as bathrooms in public places. There is a reason that businesses welcome ATMs in their establishments and here are just a few reasons that you too should consider installing a cash machine in your Denver business.  

Location, location, location

A reputable ATM processing, placement and mobile service can help you figure out the perfect location for a cash machine in your Denver premises. The visibility of your machine will be one of the most important factors. You’ll want to be able to catch people’s eye whether they came into your business looking for the machine, or if they just happen to pass it as they go about their way in your business.  


Convenience is a big push for adding ATMs and cash machines in businesses. If your customers or potential customers can get more than one thing done in one spot, they’ll be sold and quickly turn into a repeat customer. Do your business’s bottom line a favor and find a reputable ATM service company to explain all the selling points of adding a machine to your location.

Spending cash in hand

Consumers visit ATMs on a regular basis and typically pull out $40 or more during each stop. In addition, customers that visit an ATM in your business tend to spend 20-25 percent more money during their visit. With spending cash in hand, and a guarantee that customers will spend more money, adding an ATM in your place is a no brainer.   

Increased traffic in your store

Having a cash machine on your premises will likely increase foot traffic in your business. Increased traffic in your business also usually has a positive impact on your cash flow. Adding a cash machine in your Denver business is a risk-free way to increase your business revenue with little effort on your part. 

Mile High ATM has been tested time and time again. We are fully equipped with signage, security features, wireless communications and climate control to provide maintenance-free service to your site 24/7. Call Mile High ATM to ask about our prices, machines and services. Call us today at (303) 731-3982!

5 Benefits of Hiring a Local ATM Company for Your Next Event

Automatic teller machines are in all the right places these days. Fairs and festivals, concerts and shows, your child’s school sports tournament, the neighborhood gas station, and pretty much everywhere in between. ATMs can make organizations and businesses big money and if you’re interested in making money, you should contact an ATM service in Colorado today. 

  1. Easy money 

You would be surprised at just how easy it easy to make money from having an ATM placed in your business or event. It’s also completely hassle-free if you partner with the right ATM service in Colorado. You’ll make a percentage of each transaction just for having an ATM on-site and there are plenty of persuasive statistics about how much of the money people spend in your business or event right after making a withdrawal.  

  1. Convenience for customers

Having an ATM inside your business or event is also very convenient for your customers. If they find they need more cash on the road or at an event, it’s easy to walk over to a well-placed ATM in a high traffic area and withdraw exactly what they need without having to worry about stopping at a bank en-route. ATMs are so common now in independent locations, you can really go months without having to go to an actual bank.  

  1. Increased revenue

If you partner with an ATM service in Colorado, you will sign an agreement with them that entitles you to a percentage of the proceeds from each transaction. Statistics show that a nice chunk of each withdrawal is spent in the store or event where the ATM is located. That’s income that you might not have taken in had the machine not been located in your vicinity.  

  1. They take care of everything for you

A reputable ATM service will take care of everything for you. They will identify the perfect machine placement, they will install it and fill it with cash, they will program it and they will maintain it for as long as it remains in the location. All you really have to provide is the space for the machine and access to that space.  

  1. They haul it away when you’re done

If you hire a machine company to install a machine for an event, the process will be similar to a permanently installed machine. They will identify a perfect spot, set up the machine and make sure it’s in working order before your event gets underway. Once the festivities are over, they’ll also take care of hauling the machine away for you too, which is one less thing you’ll have to worry about. 

Mile High ATM has been tested time and time again. We are fully equipped with signage, security features, wireless communications and climate control to provide maintenance-free service to your site 24/7. Call Mile High ATM to ask about our prices, machines and services. Call us today at (303) 731-3982!

how do atm services work?

How Do ATM Services Work?

What if there was a way to increase your retail business revenue every single month and you didn’t have to lift a finger, didn’t have to extend your hours and didn’t have to carry more merchandise? Would you want to know more? Of course you would!

Adding an ATM machine inside of your retail establishment is one of the easiest ways to make passive income, meaning income you don’t have to work for. If you’d like to know more about the advantages of ATM services, and how the process of adding a cash machine in Colorado works, keep reading. 

Identify Location

The first step in adding an ATM machine service to your Colorado business is to contact a reputable and knowledgeable company that can help you identify a location. These professionals can take a look at your retail space, and help to determine where the best placement for a machine would be. Machines are also available for special events. In the event your business is part of a fair, festival, or outdoor concert, ATMs can be installed in outdoor locations too. Your ATM machine service group will come into the site, identify a location and prep the location for installation including the necessary electrical components that are required.

Order Cash

Once the site for your ATM is chosen, these professionals will work to ready the machine for service. A key component of this is ordering money from a local bank. The money in the ATM never comes out of your cash registers and you don’t have to worry about keeping it full of cash. The company will deliver the cash to your site and load the machine. The machine will also be monitored and refilled when it’s running low. 

ATM Placement/Connectivity

Once the site is chosen, preliminary connectivity work done, and money ordered, the ATM service company will begin the programmatic work on the machine to get it ready for service. Special software is installed on the machine that allows service companies to monitor the machine’s performance remotely. That way, in the event the machine crashes, runs out of money, or becomes otherwise inoperable, the ATM company will know, and will report at once to fix the problem. 

ATM Technical Support and Maintenance

ATM machines do run out of money and need to be refilled. The software that runs the machines does need to be updated on occasion. The machines also occasionally malfunction. However, you have your own business to worry about. Your cash machine service company in Colorado will monitor the machine, and take care of all repairs and maintenance as they arise. 

Adding an ATM machine to your retail establishment is a no brainer. Your bottom line will benefit from the machine, and the proximity of fast cash to the goods your selling. In fact, it’s estimated that most customers who might use an ATM in your store, spend $25 of it immediately. That just might be a nice influx of cash for your business. Call Mile High ATM today to learn more about how ATM machine services in Colorado work for you.

atm processing colorado

How ATM Processing Works in Colorado

If you have a bank account in Colorado, you’ve most likely used an ATM before. The process is simple: you insert your card, input the PIN code, and then choose the amount of money you want to withdraw in $20 increments. The money withdrawal process is easy enough to understand, but have you ever thought about what happens behind the scenes? Let’s take a look at how ATM processing works. 

What do ATMs do? 

First off, let’s go over exactly what ATMs are. ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine, and since its creation, the ATM has become one of the greatest revolutions in modern banking. ATMs provide cardholders with easy access to the cash in their bank, and for merchants, ATMs create a stream of income through small transaction fees. By providing the cash to the cardholder without a human teller, the bank saves a significant amount of money and time, creating a win-win situation for both parties. 

What is an ATM processor?

For ATMs to access the necessary information to provide money for ATM users, the data terminal has to communicate with the bank through a host processor. This ATM processor then gets the cardholder’s information and requests a transaction. Whereas this process used to be conducted through a telephone line, modern machines connect with host servers via the internet. 

How do ATM processors work? 

When cardholders insert their card and necessary information on the ATM keypad, the data is forwarded to the ATM processor. The processor then routes a transaction request to the bank. If the requested amount is available to be withdrawn, the ATM processor creates an electronic funds transfer from the cardholder’s bank and the processor’s account.

Then, the host processor sends the ATM an approved code that enables the machine to dispense the requested amount. Finally, the ATM processor will transfer the funds from the cardholder’s account into the account of whatever entity holds the ATM. This usually happens on the next business day to ensure that the merchant is reimbursed for the funds the cardholder just took out of the ATM. All of this happens within a matter of seconds. When it’s all over, you take your card and cash with you. What a brilliant invention, right? 

How does an ATM processor make money?

ATM processors make money by charging a small fee for each transaction. Because the processor acts as a middleman between so many institutions and banks, fees are charged in exchange for the convenience ATM processors provide.

It is truly impressive how ATM processing works. If you need the right ATM for your event or business in Colorado, Mile High ATM can help make that happen. We offer the most efficient ATM based on your needs.

mobile atm for event colorado things to do in denver summer

Summer in Denver: What Events You Won’t Want to Miss

During the summers in Denver the weather is warm, the sun is shining, and the Denver events season is in full swing. With so many options from beer tastings to yoga it’s hard to decide which events are worth your time. This article will inform you of which events you definitely don’t want to miss this summer.


Free days at the Denver Art Museum

The first Saturday of every month is a free admission day for the Denver Art Museum. This is great for a solo trip or for the whole family. The museum hosts over 70,000 individual works of art and the exhibits are constantly changing making each experience a unique one. The Children’s Museum of Denver also offers free admission days on the first Tuesday of every month.


Rocky Mountain Beer Festival 2019

This local craft brew festival is not as large as GABF (Great American Beer Festival), which happens every year in late fall, but is still a not to miss event. The festival will have food, games, live music and, of course, beer. It is a family friendly event and will actually be happening on two separate dates! The first festival will be held on Saturday, June 22 and the second on Monday, September 2.


Red Rocks

While red rocks is slightly outside Denver, there are always events going on at the outdoor amphitheater. From June 9 through August 18, every Saturday morning at 7 A.M., there is yoga on the rocks. If you’re looking to get in touch with your spiritual side while getting a work out in, you won’t want to miss yoga on the rocks this summer. If you’re not a morning person, don’t fret! You can still enjoy the events at red rocks. All summer long there is some sort of nighttime entertainment happening at red rocks every day of the week. Attending a red rocks concert or movie during the summer is something everyone should experience at least once.


Coors Field

Cheering on the Rockies at Coors Field is a favorite summer pastime of many Denverites. However there are a few times throughout the summer when Coors Field offers more than just a baseball game. Over Fourth of July weekend, Coors Field lights up the Denver skyline with a fantastic fireworks show. Seeing the fireworks from your seat inside the stadium is an experience you can’t get any other time of year.


Denver Glow Run

The Denver glow run is a fun run event that incorporates glowing powder and black lights. The run takes place at night and ends with a glow in the dark festival with food, drinks and music! All ages are not only welcomed but encouraged to participate!


Denver Bazaar

Throughout the summer the Denver Bazaar, a vendor and market event company, puts on flea and vendor markets in the Park Hill area of Denver. This is a free event that makes for a great Saturday or Sunday activity. There are vendors selling goods and services ranging from retail to food to artwork. If you want to spend a few hours getting lost in sights and smells, this is an event made for you.

If you are planning on attending any of these Denver activities, you might want to consider a mobile ATM option for these events in Colorado.

Cash Machine in Colorado: Safety Tips for ATMS

ATM safety: Tips and tricks

When you think of safety tips for your everyday life, you most likely are not thinking about ATMs or cash machines. ATMs provide many benefits for customers and businesses alike, but without being aware of the potential safety risks those benefits become obsolete.  Incorporating a few of these tips and tricks when using a cash machine in Colorado can help keep you and your money safe.


Always be aware of your surroundings

While this tip might seem fairly obvious, it is necessary. When you are using an ATM make sure you are using one that is in a well-lit and highly trafficked area. You should try to avoid visiting cash machines on an outside corner of a building as there could easily be someone lurking in your blind spot. Try to visit ATMs in the middle of a building or inside a business as the likelihood of someone robbing you of the cash you just withdrew drastically decreases.


Keep your PIN safe

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) should never be written down, especially on the back of your debit card, or given out over the phone. Like your social security number, you will want to memorize your PIN. Your PIN is the key to your bank account and if a criminal were to get ahold of it, he or she could easily wipe out your savings. Additionally, when using a cash machine make sure to cover the keypad with your hand and body to ensure no one behind you can see your PIN.


Be aware of ATM ‘skimming’

While ATM ‘skimming’ is illegal, it doesn’t stop people from doing it. It’s important you inspect an ATM for any irregularities before you use it. These ‘skimming’ devices look to be part of an ATM’s electrical system but are in fact used to steal bank information. Be on the lookout for extra attachments on the card readers, awkward resistance from the keypad or any scratched or damaged pieces.


Prepare all withdraw and deposit paperwork beforehand

Before you leave your home or car, make sure all paperwork you need for your ATM transaction is completed before you get to the cash machine. Stumbling with paperwork or filling it out at the ATM invites criminals to take advantage of your distracted attention.


Never count money in the open

After the ATM dispenses your money, have an empty envelope ready to place your withdraw money in and leave the ATM immediately. Counting cash in the open not only draws attention to you but also makes it incredibly easy for someone to snatch the money right out of your hands and run away with it. Wait until you have gotten to a safe location, such as your car, to count the cash you just took out.


Have your ATM card ready

Treat your ATM card like cash. Before you deposit cash in an ATM you want it ready to go so you aren’t fiddling with your wallet on the street. This same practice should be applied to your ATM card. Have your ATM card in your hand or pocket before you approach the ATM. Pulling out your entire wallet as you are walking up to a cash machine makes you an easy target for pickpockets.


Being aware of your surroundings and practicing these easy safety tips, is a surefire way to keep you and your finances protected when using a cash machine in Colorado.

ATM Company Denver

Why Your Business Needs an ATM

Your business is doing great, but you’re wondering if there is something else that could help your business do even better. Buying an ATM for your business is more helpful than you might think. Now, you could be thinking, ‘I accept all major credit cards, what would I need an ATM for?’ Installing an in-house ATM from an ATM company in Denver could bring many benefits to your customers and business from convenience to increased foot traffic.


Reduce your business’s credit card fees

As a business owner, you are most likely already aware of the fees associated with credit or debit card use. While these fees may be small, over the course of time small fees add up into big fees. If you were to install an ATM inside your business you would increase the amount of cash sales you have and therefore saving you money on credit or debit card transaction fees.


ATM revenue

By installing an ATM you open your business up to another source of revenue: surcharge revenue! By purchasing or even leasing an ATM machine you are able to set your own transaction fee amount. When a customer uses the ATM and pays the transaction fee, that is income directly placed in your business’s pocket. While ATMs require some maintenance, the transaction revenue you’re generating from having the ATM in the first place easily mitigates those costs.


Bring in the customers!

Increased foot traffic is one of the most beneficial results of installing an ATM at your business. When you advertise an ATM in your business, people are enticed to enter your store and spend money. People need cash all the time so by providing that service for regular and potential customers, you draw them into your store giving you the opportunity to make a sale. Who doesn’t like to increase their customer base?


Sales are up

People generally prefer to pay with cash as opposed to paying with cards due to the fees. Credit and debit cards have higher fees than most ATMs, making it a preferred method of payment for most. Customers on a budget also tend to pay in cash more often than with a card because it is easier to monitor spending. An ATM opens your business up to customers that pay with both card and cash, consequently widening your customer base.


Customer satisfaction is key

One of the last things you want to do as a business owner is force a customer to leave your establishment because of a service you don’t provide. Some customers may not have the cash they need on hand and if your business does not have an ATM, you are forcing that customer to leave, find what they need, and then come back. This is a lot of work for a customer and you run the risk of them not returning. Similarly, if you have an ATM your customers will remember and the next time they need cash your business may come to mind. Your customers will not only return for use of the ATM, but they will be relieved they can access what they need from inside your business.

With new businesses popping up every day, you will want to get ahead of the curve and find an ATM company in Denver so you can start enjoying your other source of revenue.  

What Are The Types of ATM?

Nowadays, you can pretty much find an automated teller machine anywhere and be able to withdraw money at any time. There are machines that accept cash and check deposits as well as the ability to check account balances and withdraw money from credit and checking accounts. Here are two types of ATMs that you might recognize when you’re going to withdraw money.

Your ATM and Features

Equipped with several different kinds of software, ATMs can show you your complete history of transactions and how much money is in the ATM. ATM software offers businesses and banks programs that fit their needs to be able to meet the needs of their customers for built-in ATMs. The ATM software is easy to use yet advanced enough to transfer money and accept deposits. This can be a complex issue for Bank ATM software to audit.

Some of the features that manufacturers offer include security cameras and personal ID numbers to protect their customers and owners from fraud. Some of these features require bank members to use a key or passcode to get into their vault. You will find security cameras on these freestanding ATMs for safety and to deter vandalism.

Built In

You can find built in ATMs attached to the wall of a business. You will also find them behind the wall of a bank. Tellers are behind this wall so the customers cannot see the hidden security features.


You may notice freestanding or wireless ATM services in Colorado and consider them a general ATM. But they are quite different from a built-in ATM. You will find these ATMs in businesses, drive-thru lanes, and even on the street during an event taking place. They are safely secured to the ground. These stand-alone ATMs are perfect for customers that need quick cash for extra groceries, or perhaps a restaurant or an event doesn’t accept cards. Unlike built-in machines, these do not accept financial deposits into a bank account. They are strictly for withdrawing money.

Which ATM to Use

Perhaps you’re considering an ATM at your next event. Whether large or small, you know you need an ATM to service your customers properly. One benefit of having an ATM at your event is the ability to increase sales. In order to properly go about this endeavor is to contact an ATM sales team member in Denver.

When you want easy access to your cash, and the right ATM for your event or business, Mile-High ATM in Colorado will help you make that happen. They offer the most efficient ATM based on your needs. Offer your customers a little more, and contact the Mile-High ATM team today for more information!

What ATM Supplies and Accessories Do You Need?

So you’re inquiring about getting an ATM for your business. Now that you’ve established a healthy following and are generating consistent revenue, you can accept it as a part of your (commercial) family. So it’s important to supply your machine with the necessary items for productivity. Your ATM service Colorado salesman should equip you with the right supplies so your event or business isn’t lacking in any way for your customers.

Paper Rolls

This may seem obvious but often times ATM paper is the first thing to run out. When you’re storefront or event is busy, the last thing you need is to wait to tell you customers that you ran out of paper and cannot print receipts. Make sure you have extra on your supply list when you order from your Denver ATM services.

ATM Wraps & Toppers

You’ve spent a great deal of time and effort into vending and promotional services for your next upcoming event. Now that you’re having an ATM installed for your guests, you aren’t worried too much about the convenience and generation of sales. So come time for the event, you want your guest to spot the ATM right away without having to search the event venue. ATM wraps help your machine stand out in the crowd and make it easier for people to remember where it’s at when they need to withdraw money.

Ink Cartridges

This follows suit of the importance of the paper rule and must be stocked for efficiency and customer satisfaction. Entrepreneurs need receipts to keep a record of their spending, especially come tax season. It’s important to keep this in mind when stocking supplies.

Items to Consider

Some items aren’t on your immediate supply list but are just as important to take note of. Keyboard pads wear quickly, especially in heavy traffic areas. It’s important to take note of the wear and try the keys yourself to ensure that they are working properly. If possible, pay attention to the individuals using the machine. Watch to see if it’s a struggle to press the keys or if you notice them pressing the keys more than twice during a transaction. This could be a sign that your keyboard needs a replacement. Another important item with considering is the card reader. While it’s more likely to encounter a worn card strip than a faulty reader, it’s important to fix this element of your machine to ensure a smoother process.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to order your ATM supplies for your business or next event. Your business and guests aren’t going to wait – or stick around! – unless you refill that paper cartridge. Get in touch with an ATM placement Denver sales representative today. Your local and trusted experts at Mile High ATM Service have delivered ATM machines all over the Denver area, and continue to supply their customers with the most efficient products for their business needs.