What is ATM Processing?

Simplicity and convenience is at our fingertips nowadays. In a world where we go from cash to card to check and even money order, isn’t it handy to have all of the options to choose from when we need them? Your local bank used to be the only source of money withdrawal, deposits, transfer, and anything related to finances. Now, with many institutions available, you don’t have to wait until Monday morning to make a transaction. ATM processing in Denver is a simple, 3-step process that’ll change the way you do business for good.

ATM processing is when the automatic teller works with your local bank institution for the approval of financial transactions. No more waiting in line and the many signatures and approvals in order to receive the money from your bank account. ATM processing utilizes bank account records and phone lines to access your information in quick and easy multi-step actions. The machine reads your card to know the type of funds that are in your bank account. But, your ATM processing isn’t just for withdrawing money. You’re capable of depositing funds and checking your balance with ease at any time of day. Your personal bank card is kind of like your bank’s identification. When you insert the bank card and manually enter the security code, you begin to access all of your information immediately. ATM processing in Denver is simple and efficient for those who need quick cash, in instances where businesses are “cash only” or you’re at a festival or event. You may see wireless ATM machines and wonder how that machine carries such valuable information. These machines are standalone, and are usually seen at big outdoor events. They are highly reliable and are hooked up to a wireless connection. But, most of the machines you notice in restaurants or department stores are hooked up to a phone line. All ATMs work in conjunction with the bank institution. Most modern ATM machines nowadays accept your cash and check deposit, depending on the bank institution the ATM is connected to. Interested in viewing your balance before you go on a shopping spree? Your local ATM will tell you that, too. If all of your current bank information is up to date, you should get an accurate view of your financial statements right on the spot. Back in the day when ATM processing was still new, the financial amount was behind by a few days. This made it difficult to get an accurate amount at the time of purchase. So, 15 years ago when you tried to withdraw cash from your local ATM, these delays made it easy to overdraw your account.

If you’re a shop owner or hosting an event, getting an ATM is a no-brainer. Whether you get a new or used ATM, it’s highly important to find a reputable dealer with placement programs and warranties that fit the needs of your business or event. Keeping options open for customers to use cash or card is essential for your business or event. This convenience is something your customers will remember, and will tell their friends about as well. Mile High ATM is Denver’s number one source for all of your ATM services. From outdoor and special events to portable and wireless ATMs, you can rent or buy ATM machines brand new and ready to go, the same day. Contact us today for more information on your new business ATM!

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How Does a Wi-Fi ATM Work?

By now, you know the importance of having an ATM nearby. You also know how handy it is to have Wi-Fi pretty much anywhere you go. Whether you’re setting up an event or you’re opening your store front, Wi-Fi and accessible cash pretty much go hand in hand. Believe it or not, ATMs relied a lot on modems and dial up phone lines for connection. Banking has come a long way, and having the internet involved makes it easier to manage your event or your store front.

History of the ATM Machine

The old way of using ATM machines has evolved into a quick and painless transaction. However, there are still methods that we use today that depend on the preference of the business and next event.

  • Telephone to the IP adapter – Older ATMs don’t necessarily communicate the same way new ones do via the internet. This is a less expensive route than standard phone lines, but it’s still an old way of doing business.
  • Wireless – Wireless ATMs communicate through a built-in wireless device. When you make a transaction, the ATM communicates through a cell tower. All you need is mobile phone reception and power to generate your internet connection, regardless of the location.
  • Standard phone line or dial-up – Traditionally speaking, these older ATMs will not be able to connect to the internet, because of their internal structure. Dial-up ATMs can only work efficiently through a dedicated phone line, without interruption from other phone lines or devices. They generally use a toll-free number to avoid long distance charges.
  • Internet – This is the least expensive and most popular means of communication for your wireless ATM service in Colorado. The only drawback is that it uses your internet service that’s already available. Your technician would have to install a cat5e or cat6 cable for this service to be provided.

How Does a Wi-Fi ATM Work?

When you hire a tech to install your wireless ATM service in Colorado, they’ll most likely walk you through all the functions and necessary tools you need for quick Wi-Fi setup. Most of these ATMs already have Wi-Fi equipment. With the ATM already equipped with Wi-Fi, there’s no need to have a landline phone at all. Landline phones can be costly depending on where you are, so a relatively new ATM machine will save you money and time.

It only takes a few minutes to set up a wireless ATM. All you need is an electrical outlet! Your technician will attach the antennas to a magnetic base on your ATM, and connect the phone cord to the modem. This simple process creates reliability for your customers, as well as increased data transfer speeds. What does that mean, you ask? It makes customers happy with instant, easy transactions. With wireless ATMs, you can easily transfer your kiosk to another location if needed.

ATM Placement

Another important thing to consider before you install your wireless ATM service in Colorado is the location of the ATM. Nowadays, we take advantage of having wireless service anywhere we go. However, there can be issues with connection if not placed properly. Your ATM provider will know this and most likely suggest installation in certain locations with better connection.

Consider trading in your old means of revenue for something high tech and modern. Your wireless ATM machine will help create a smooth flow of customers, so you can keep providing services and have a constant flow of sales. Mile High ATM provides mobile, portable and wireless ATM services for your events and storefront. Contact them today!

Used or New ATM?

So you’re finally getting an ATM for your business or event. At other venues, you’ve seen the value it brings to customers, and you want to allow for easier transactions for your vendors, customers, and staff as well. Now it’s time to find the right ATM sales Colorado team to help you choose the best option for your unique set of needs. There is much to consider. For example, newer models will most likely cost more than used. But it’s important to note that not all used models come with active warranties. There are many types of ATMs, and depending on your need, you’ll need to have some understanding of what they cost, as well as whether you should get a new or used ATM, and what bells and whistles fit your business or event model. Before you make a purchase, consider the following pros and cons.

Go For New

As with anything new, you’ll have warranties with the placement programs. Unlike used machines, new ones are completely free of any wear and tear and are updated with the latest software and ATM standards. The ATM sales Colorado representative will also have placement programs with exceptional rates, 24-hour customer service, installation, and more. Although you’ll pay a little more, you’ll reap the ongoing monetary benefits in the future months.

Go For Used

Reuse, recycle, repurpose. These are buzz words that surround the consumer market. We are all aware that used doesn’t always mean worn and will still work. But it’s important to know there are some items that shouldn’t be bought used. While everything has an expiration date, it should be noted that items such as HBO electronics should be carefully examined before making the investment. There are a few things to consider before purchasing a used ATM.

  • It should not cost as much as a brand new model for its age and make and the features. It should fall between $1,200 and $1,800 instead of the typical $2,000 to $3,000 range. Used ATMs will certainly save you money up front.
  • The used ATM should be ADA and EMV compliant; however, if not, you need to make sure that it can be upgraded with an EMV upgrade.
  • The used ATM machine should be updated fairly regularly, as ATM standards change.
  • Of course, age is a huge factor as well. Going back to compliance and upgrades, most ATM machines last 10 to 15 years. Resist machines that are over 10 years old.
  • Condition and age go hand in hand. You could buy a 2-year-old ATM machine and have a slew of problems because of the lack of care and maintenance. So it’s important to check out the condition of the machine before you make your purchase.

What Exactly Do I Need?

Asking yourself, “What do I need my ATM to consist of?” is not a bad place to start. First, you’ll consider the location within your event or store. Make sure it’s visible but just out of the way enough for people to maneuver around. There are two tiers that the location falls under that will help you better determine the placement of your ATM.

  • Tier 1 – these are large sit-down restaurants with a lot of foot traffic, such as convenience stores, bars and nightclubs, cash only places, and even hotels.
  • Tier 2 – these location types can be non-corporate and locally owned and typically fall under the business types of a smaller motel, a bowling alley, a small amusement park, a movie theater, hair salons, liquor stores, and even car washes. You may even find them at certain buffets or restaurants with a smaller seating capacity, and tourist attraction spots.

When you figure out which of these tiers you fall under, you can contact the ATM service professionals at Mile High ATM. They provide placement programs, mobile portable and wireless ATM service, rentals and sales, and more. Give them a call today!

7 Benefits Of ATM Placement

An ATM machine provides reliable service to those in need of urgent cash. At one time, these ATMs could only be found at specific locations, such as banks or in major department stores. But nowadays, it seems that ATMs can be found in any business or near any event. Festivals, small businesses, and even concerts have their own ATMs installed right there for the convenience of their customers. When you’re looking for an ATM sales Denver representative in assisting with your next event, here are just seven benefits of ATM placement .

Surcharge Revenue

It’s true that when your customer uses your ATM to withdraw money, you receive a percentage of that transaction fee.

Customers Come Back

It’s a chore for your customers to leave your business or event to go get money from an ATM machine elsewhere. Make it easier for them and put a machine in or outside of your business. For your event, have them placed in opportune places that not only make it convenient for your customer, but are easily visible.

Debt Reduction

Twenty years ago, businesses experienced an influx of bouncing checks and chargebacks from bad checks and faulty bank cards. With an ATM machine, your customers receive their money, and you don’t get charged if their account is overdrawn.

Increased Traffic

Customers don’t want to leave your store to find an ATM when they need the cash. And you don’t want your customers to be inconvenienced in this way, as they may not return to complete the sale. An on-site ATM will provide your customers with the needed cash to accommodate their needs right then and there.


Your ATM machine is under constant surveillance with technical monitoring services and notifications to help you stay in charge.

Time Saving

Time is money, and in this case, ATMs save time by offering the money right there for your customers. Say you are a family-friendly restaurant that attracts a lot of families of two or more children. Maybe your busiest day is Sunday after church service, and you’re swarming with people. These families probably want to get going pretty quickly after lunch is through, and don’t want to wait long for a bill. Having an ATM on the scene saves time because customers can  withdraw the cash so they can leave quickly, without waiting for the server to run the credit card. Plus, it encourages the customer to leave a cash tip!

How On-Site ATM Works

First, your local ATM sales Denver representative will locate the site where the installation will take place and secure it to that location. These locations need to be near well-ventilated areas, as well as in close range to phone power outlets. And if you don’t want it inside of your cafe, right outside the door will work just fine. Since it’s a pretty heavy machine, so you don’t have to worry about it going anywhere. Your sales rep will focus mainly on security when installing your ATM machine. The machine is probably bolted to the ground and can come with built-in cameras with different vantage points. Lastly, it’s time to put the codes in order. Your ATM machine will require passwords and IDs and special codes that are provided by the bank or company that is servicing that machine.

You are only a few steps from enjoying the benefits of ATM placement on your property!

So, if you don’t have an ATM placement in your business today, you may want to consider these conveniences. The ATM sales Denver team at Mile High ATM provides rentals and sales, as well as mobile, portable, and wireless ATM service and placement programs that fit your budget and your special event or business needs. Call today!

Who Services ATM Machines?

Traditionally, when you see ATMs that are fixed to a bank, you know that they belong to the bank. They are replaced, fixed, filled, and maintained all by the bank’s authority. There was a time when ATMs were only available during banking hours at the banks themselves. But now, we can find stand-alone or outdoor ATMs pretty much anywhere. So who owns those ATMs? When you go to a concert in Denver, and you spot an ATM to retrieve money for food or beverage, do you know which ATM service Colorado bank provides for that event? I bet you’ve never thought about it. ATM machines are serviced by a group of individuals, not necessarily a bank entity.

The Benefit of ATM Service

As you’re well aware, ATMs are needed – and found – at almost any large event or business. Nowadays, you can host your large banquet, street fair, or concert event and add these helpful services for your customers and guests. Why? Well, for the simple fact that an ATM machine provides the convenience of banking right where and when you need it. Gone are the days where you needed to wait for Monday during business hours to deposit checks, withdraw or deposit cash, and get a bank total. Businesses who install ATMs have found that it’s much better to at least have one on-site or in close proximity to their business so that their customers can have access to cash at any time. Just some of the ATM service benefits include:

  • Convenience: Customers want to purchase your products or goods! Don’t make them leave your store because they need a certain amount of cash. Having an ATM on-site provides fast and efficient funds for your customers, and this is something they’ll remember too! Convenience always speaks louder than price!
  • Revenue Increase: Along with convenience, ATMS bring increased revenue. Your customers will inevitably  tell others who then tell others and so on, so the return investments more than outweigh the ATM fees. When you contact an ATM service Colorado provider, depending on the ATM machine they install, they’ll help you choose a plan that fits your needs. This plan will deter the service fees that automatically accompany any ATM. So you’re increasing your revenue through convenience and a commission from each transaction.
  • Reduced Fees:  With each credit card transaction comes a fee tagged on. Most businesses don’t want that hefty fee and have cash only signs outside their doors. This can always create inconvenience to your customers. While you don’t want to pay that fee, they don’t always have access to cash. Reduce their fees, and get a stand-alone machine. Problem solved.
  • Flexible Plans: Lastly, you get to create flexible plans for your business. Your shop is personal, and you want to reach your customer through what they need and want, but conveniently. Customers will go out of their way for a personal experience at their favorite shop. Providing a convenient and comfortable shopping experience for your customers is key.

Who Will Service My ATM?

Now that you’re convinced to get an ATM for your business or event, you may be wondering where to start. Banks have their own entities and don’t generally work outside of that financial realm. You’ll need a highly-reputable and convenient ATM service Colorado provider to help you choose ATM placement, flexible plans, and whether you want to own or rent. Yes, you can even own an ATM! It’s the most convenient way to bank. Your ATM provider should have knowledge of mobile/wireless services, special programs for indoor/outdoor placement, ATM rentals and sales knowledge, among other things.

Your ATM for your next event of business is moments away! Let  MileHigh ATM help you get in front of your customers so they keep coming back!

Can I Put an ATM Outside?

You can find ATM machines conveniently located practically anywhere nowadays. From super markets to automotive shops, business owners know the importance of giving their customers ready access to their funds, at any time. What’s more, ATM placement has become a help to those who host parties and large events, too. Venues from all over the world host ATM’s because they know the value in having money right away. In fact, your customers are 50% more likely to buy right away if they see a readily- accessible ATM nearby. Next time you plan your event, don’t neglect to call an ATM Placement Colorado technician to install one!

Where Would I Find an Outside ATM?

Whether you’re the event host or just a participant, you want the convenience of withdrawing money, anytime and anywhere. ATMs make a convenient choice for withdrawing money anytime your customers need to leave a tip or have multiple payment options. Most of the time, people only carry a certain amount of cash, and cash is still popular with most small businesses! Credit card fees for business owners can mean a crushing 5% percent charge on every credit card transaction, so many times these businesses are turning to cash for their patent methods instead of accruing those hefty fees.  Because outside ATMs never close, your customers can have access to their finances anytime of the day or night. If your business or event is being held later in the evening, an outside ATM will be the perfect addition. Your customers will not have to scramble to reach a bank lobby before close, or leave your premises at all! Hotels, grocery stores, gas stations, casinos and even bingo halls are places where you can find ATMs. Now you can make it easier for your attendees by adding an ATM to your large event or gathering.

Types of Outdoor ATM Machines

You’re probably used to seeing outdoor ATMs at your local bank, such as those located before you pull up to the drive-thru window. Perhaps you’ve seen them in grocery store lobbies or on your way out of mall entrances. But outdoor ATM machines are not limited to these locations. They can be of use anywhere, especially when you’re hosting an event.  You may not be aware, but with the boom in technology these days, you can find multiple ATM options for your event. From standalone to White Label ATMs, you don’t even have to work with a bank to set one up.

  • White Label ATMs: these types of ATMs work outside of bank entities.
  • Brown Label ATMs: the ATM service providers own Brown Label ATMs but the cash is managed by the company who owns the actual ATM.
  • Off-site and On-site ATMs: off-site ATMs operate under a third party and are what you see in retail stores, hospitals, or even malls. On-site ATMS are found in business spaces, for example, as would be the case in your shop.
  • Stand-alone and networked ATMs are either connected to the network of the ATM provider or they’re not, thus the term “stand-alone.”.
  • Online ATMs: these use real-time monitoring with internet connection so your customers know their balances and transaction history. Offline ATMs allow customers to make a transaction, but without the handy real- time connection to help them keep track of funds and prevent overdrawing.

Can I Put an ATM Outside My Business?

I think it’s safe to assume there is benefit to using outdoor ATMs at your next event or large gathering. However, if the ATM is not set up correctly, it can be more expensive and time consuming in the long run. The best place to start is to find an ATM placement service provider here in Colorado to help you find the best ATM for your event.

The world is now opening back up to events and parties. The exciting news is that with healthy guidelines in place, you can still have these gatherings while offering comfortable and convenient services for your customers and attendees. The Mile High ATM team provides special events and outdoor ATM, mobile portable and wireless ATM service, as well as rental and sales! Contact Mile High ATM today.

Mobile ATM for Your Next Event

Mobile ATM for Your Next Event

Let’s face it, we don’t live in a cashless society yet. Even though there are several ways to retrieve money and to pay, we still use cash as a service. In our high-tech world today, you can find several ways to retrieve money, from multiple payment options to continuous cash advance. However, the convenience of safe and secure money services at events and festivals is still lacking. An estimated 88% of consumers still used cash. So why not make it convenient for your consumers at your next event and get an event ATM in Denver? Outdoor ATMs are an affordable automated teller machine which provide convenience so your guests can enjoy the festivities all day.

What is a Mobile ATM?

Whether you’re hosting a special event or street fair, people want to come and check out everything you have to offer. Some vendors may have credit card services and others may only accept cash. Having a portable ATM machine will help those customers get exactly what they want when they want it without the hassle of leaving your event just to go down the street for money withdrawal. Mobile ATM services take the complexity out of traditional bank withdrawals. You can rent or buy your own mobile ATM machine. There are quite a few high-tech machines on the market, so it’s best to find a placement program that offers great rates and has qualified staff to walk you through the entire process of ATM placement. More importantly, find an ATM service that will offer excellent customer service and provide satisfaction for you and your customers.

Next time you go to an event, you’ll notice ATMs strategically placed in various locations. These ATMs should be conveniently located in areas that the customer can easily remember and be able to safely withdraw from.

What’s Included in a Mobile ATM Service?

Whether you’re renting or buying, your event ATM in Denver should include security features, an LCD screen with customizable features, printer with 3 convenience sizes, wireless capability, a card reader and ADA voice guidance, and more features that make it customizable to your event and layout. Cash ordering and delivery and cash loading are also important in your ATM placement programs. Other services include exemptions from credit card fees and reduction in NSF fees for return checks.

Why Do I Need a Mobile ATM?

We just named some of the few conveniences that mobile ATM services provide. However, without the convenience of readily available money services, a lack of sales and frustrations for the customer could ensue. If you’re a business owner in these times and you need to boost your sales, don’t give your customers any reason to walk away empty-handed. A mobile ATM can be just the thing for your event to help bring in the sales and keep them coming back. These machines help increase your sales simply by adding convenience!

Having a mobile ATM at your event or business can even make it easier on your vendors. While every vendor will be able to choose their own payment methods they’ll accept, they can rest assured that they don’t have to be tacked with credit card fees if they refer them to the ATM and pay in cash. It’s a win-win for the event owner, the customers, and the vendors!

Whether you’re a small business owner, event planner, or hosting a festival, it’s a worthy investment to use an ATM in Denver. Your customers have the convenience of buying what they want when they want it. Contact Mile High ATM before you host your next event today!

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How ATM Processing Happens

If you’ve joined the group of successful business owners that realize just how profitable having an onsite ATM can be, congrats. No matter where you are in the process, you might wonder just how ATM processing happens. Here’s a simple breakdown of the whole process that will make it easier to understand. 


You may already know that the first step in ATM processing is to choose an ideal location for the machine in your business. Once the machine is in place, it will be assigned a terminal ID number. This number is critically important and how each machine is identified in transaction processing. The location of the machine will need to be near a phone line, internet connectivity, or within a WiFi range. 

The programming part

Once your ATM is in place, it will be programmed to operate with the terminal ID number and the ATM processor. A technician will load it with cash and it will be ready for the first customer. When a customer walks up to the machine, they will insert their bank card, input their PIN, and the first transaction will be initiated. 


Once the customer inputs their PIN and card, the machine will us it’s terminal ID to communicate with the customer’s bank. If the ATM identifies that sufficient funds are available for withdrawal, the transaction will be approved and then completed for the customer. They’ll walk away from it with pockets full of cash, some of which will hopefully be spent inside your business. 

ATM fees

ATM fees are how small businesses just like yours make passive income by locating a machine inside your business. For each transaction initiated and approved on your ATM, fees are collected. You will get a portion of those fees through the ATM processing system which will deposit those fees at set intervals into your bank account. 

Where to Find a Cash Machine

Although it might seem that the U.S. is well on its way to becoming a cashless society fully dependent on digital dollars, plenty of people still prefer having a wallet full of greenbacks at their disposal. Roughly 16 percent of people report carrying cash with them all the time and another 60 percent-plus have cash on them some or most of the time. If you fall into one of these groups, it’s convenient to know where to find a cash machine when you start running low. 

Business locations

Many restaurants these days have made the choice to locate a cash machine inside their location. Having the machines on location makes it more likely that a customer will pay their bill in cash which is often the preference of eating establishments. It’s also common for patrons to spend more inside your business if access to cash is convenient. 

Events are a common location

Temporary ATMs are often set up at events, concerts, sporting events, and more. These kinds of events often leav heavily on concession sales from food and beverages to merchandise. Not all vendors accept cash, and many event goers prefer to pay for their items with cash. So, if you’re on the hunt to refill your wallet as you head to an event you’ve been looking forward to, trust that they probably have an ATM on site and at your service. 

Cash machine Denver at the convenience store

Almost every convenience store on almost every block in your town most likely has an ATM inside. These stores depend on several streams of revenue to support the business model from food and snack, to gas, and more. Cash machines are another revenue stream that convenience store owners have welcomed with open arms. They create passive income that business owners don’t have to work hard to earn, and studies show that customers are likely to spend more in the store if they’ve used an ATM on site.  

Try the hotel

If you’re on the hunt for a cash machine while traveling, consider asking the hotel front desk if the location has one. The same can be said for anyone traveling in an area. Consider a hotel a smart place to check for an ATM and you’ll be flush with cash again in no time. 

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Choosing the Best ATM Placement

An ATM is often a sight for sore eyes in our card-carrying economy. If you’re considering adding one to your business or event, it’s a smart idea that your customers will appreciate for its convenience. Several factors go into deciding the best ATM placement in Denver, and you should have a solid understanding of those so that you can be sure the machine will benefit your location to the fullest. 

The type of business you own impacts the best ATM placement

Some types of business certainly make ATM placement easier than others. If you own a bar or restaurant, hotel or resort, or an event venue, incorporating an ATM is a smart idea because of the flow of traffic that you probably have in your business. Casual restaurants are better than fancy ones since people are more likely to use cash for an inexpensive meal. People staying in hotels often don’t have access to their bank back home, so providing an ATM will be a welcomed amenity on the property. 

Other factors that impact the best ATM placement

You also want to be sure that wherever you place the ATM in your business, that it’s in a clean and safe area where customers will feel comfortable handling cash. It’s also important to be sure the area will provide the proper power supply, allow for parking if customers are just running in, proximity to other ATMs, and the wireless or WiFi connectivity availability in the area. Not to worry, a trained ATM placement service can help you figure out these variables.  

How do you make money with an ATM

This is probably the simplest aspect of ATM placement. You know how each time you visit an ATM that isn’t affiliated with your bank, you end up paying a small fee for the transaction? Often the fee is to the tune of $1-$3, nothing that would keep a normal person for completing the transaction. Well, that fee is yours if you decide to purchase the ATM, and that fee is split if you rent it. There are many advantages to renting an ATM that make the split worthwhile. 

Why rent an ATM

When you rent an ATM rather than own it outright, someone else is taking care of it. The best ATM companies deploy teams of technicians to set the machine, program it, fill it with cash, and monitor for problems along the way. If a problem is detected at any point in time, the rental company will fix it and there’s nothing you have to worry about. How often can you say that as a business owner?